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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Darth-Nero View Post

I seriously have no idea who you are, but looks to me like just another baby blue shitting his diaper over my red name. Did you used to go by a different name? Like Hokagay maybe?

I would definitely tell you anything you want to know about what's going on around here, but you sound like a retard so i don't really see the point.

clearly yeah, am butthurt. man, y u haf to be so meeen =(
and what? what story you're expecting out of me? dude, get your shit together,lolol.
I already asked you some questions there brah, that would be the story I was referring to.

You clearly remember me because when I last visit the website I kinda complained about you having a red name (and you went for that to try to insult me just now). The reason why I complained about you is because I somewhat remember you posting stupid shit and I also remember the thread where they permaban you for some reason, but it's done already and that's fine.

Now how's egypt doing and how bad where you affected by the shit that happened and that's still happening? Are you a muslim ? add anything else...

Or not, is up to you.

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