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Re: One Piece 681

IMHO, It could still be a Iron related DF power, Sanji would have recognized a tekkai. The fact that Sanji mentioned iron is a hint to some iron related ability.
btw, bone cracking isn't really much in OP, remember usopp's nose bone (!!!) was shattered by Mr. 4 back in alabasta. Its just a way to hype Vergo.

Luffy was totally pawning CC, lets see if Monet can hold up against luffy. Cant remember luffy fighting a woman though, it'll be interesting to see sanji's reaction if luffy lands a hit on Monet.

Wonder why law forbade smoker to touch cc. i tht they'd just cancel each other out.

Cant wait for Law's boss plan to be revealed!!

Edit: Just remembered he did fight Hancock's two sisters, but in my defense, those two hardly fit the bill of women..

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