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Re: One Piece 681

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
He did, which is why he called it Iron mass ( Literal translation of Tekkai ).
Oh, ok.. In that case vergo is already better than lucci. none of the rokushiki users so far have been shown to be able to move while using tekkai. Then just stood there and took the attack. He's already turned the most defensive rokushiki ability into an awesome attacking one.

It's a huge deal actually. Sanji nearly broke his leg against Kuma and that pacifista pre TS, and after the TS he effortless smashed one with no damage. If kicking Vergo is breaking his bones the dude's defenses are off the charts.
Kicking vergo didn't crack his bone, blocking vergo's attack did. And as i said, it was shown to hype vergo. People are going, "OMG sanji's bone broke!!!", all i'm saying is oda is known to show broken bone xray's to hype powers, it shouldn't really affect sanji's fighting ability too much, as he actually used the same leg to block another attack just four panels later.
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