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Re: Naruto_599

Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
And the whinny bitches are back. I was wondering when they will make an appearence. Now, now...don't cry.

Anyway: let's start. First of all you started posting here in Nov. 2009. It seems that Num started posting here in July 2009. You are talking like you have been around since 1999. There are several plot holes, but for example i chosed to ignore them and just enjoy Kishi's shit. But, i understand the others point of view when they say that Kishi it's a crappy writter. Now, what do you hope to gain with this post of yours? Because clearly you are better than us.
Shino banned me at least 6 years ago.... Back when this was Naruto Lounge and Tom was running things. So it seems your investigative skills aren't so great after all. If you cannot imagine a fathomable scenario such as "multiple user names" in real life, then who are you to question the writings of a fantastical manga?

He banned me for flooding the board with shit that broke every rule, especially "giving away" that Gaara got captured and killed by Akatsuki. Yeah, when was that chapter released?

Kishi always has shit planned WAY ahead of time... Like Itachi's face turn.

No plot holes that cannot be filled as he always has done. You bitches just can't handle it and it makes me smile. Haha
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