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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


Sasuke is shown dashing through a forest until he reaches a cave. He enters the cave where he finds a blonde man waiting for him.

Lucifer: And you are? Because i know that your real name is not Kazer.
Sasuke: My name is Uchiha. Sasuke Uchiha. Hello Lucifer.
Lucifer: You're least at your roots.
Sasuke smiles: Well said. I am the God of Death.
Lucifer: Impressive. And you're here to take me?
Sasuke: Not quite. I'm here to have a chat with you.*
Lucifer: Then tell me. Ayway, i kind of figured it out already.
Sasuke: Then surprise me.
Lucifer: You are a human, and yet there are only four humans made in the world. You call yourself the God of Death and you have knowledge about Heavens and us, the angels. Thus i deduced that you are coming from future. Also, by saving Vishnu i deduced that he is part of an important plan in the future. And if the God of Death came personally to save him, it means that the boy will actually manage to became the Seventh Seraphim. Also, now, if you're here to talk with me, it means that i survived until your timeline. And so, it means that you want to tell me something. Something that i have to do in order to ensure that the future will happen as planned.
Sasuke: Impressive. An accurate observation.
Lucifer: I'm wrong if i say that probably Father sent you?
Sasuke smiles: No you are not.
Lucifer: Good. Because he told me to corrupt Adam and Eve. He told me that the world needs an enemy, and i am fit for the position. That i'm the best Archangel to do it. He told me that during my life, the world will despise me. But after my death i will be a hero. Tell me...Uchiha Sasuke...i am a hero?*
Sasuke: Yes Lucifer. You are. Actually, if it wasn't for you...i wouldn't became the God of Death. I would be dead...killed by Yama Dharma.
Lucifer: I see. And...what are doing here, Sasuke? On Earth? In this timeline?
Sasuke: Well, i'm here to make sure that the future will be the right one. I am here to take some decisions that others were not able to take. I am here to ensure the survival of the human kind. And i am here to kill a man.
Lucifer: I see. So...what do you want me to do?
Sasuke smiles: Let me tell you a story. A story that you will tell me in the future. A story that will allow me to became the new God of Death!

-end of flashback-

The scene shows Sasuke looking at Cain. His brother, is lying on the ground. Dead.

Cain shouts: What have you done?!?!
Sasuke smiles: I killed your brother.
Cain cries: Why??!
Sasuke: Because he was in your way. From now on, you are on the right path...Cain.*
Cain: On my right path...!?!
Sasuke smiles: Exactly. You are the first murderer in the history. You killed your brother.
Cain screams: But you killed him bastard!!!
Sasuke's Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan starts spinning as Cain is looking exactly in the Uchiha's eyes.
Sasuke as he takes out a small knife and smiles: Did I?

The scene shows Adam. He heard his son screaming near the field. He in running towards the place. As he arrives he watches a horrible scene. Abel is on the ground. With blood around him. And a knife impaled in his back. Cain is on his knees right next to him holding his head. His hands are stained with blood.

Adam shocked: Cain...what have you done!?!
Cain looks at his father. The look in his eyes changed. His expression reflects insanity.*
Cain starts laughing maniacally and shouts: I killed him! That's what i did! I took his life! He is dead father! Your son is dead!!!

The panel it's showing the Heavens. Everyone is in turmoil. The scene it's focused on the Archangel's council room. At a table ere are Michael, Raphael, Brahma, Shiva, Gabriel, Vishnu and Kubera.

Kubera shouts: This is unacceptable!!! Cain killed his brother!
Michael: We must take action right away.
Raphael: And what should we do Michael? Kill Cain?
Vishnu: That's no solution. We must talk with Father.
Suddenly the Creator's voice fills the room.
The Creator: My sons. Cain has done an atrocity beyond imagination. He will be punished. By me.*
Kubera: How do you intend to punish him, Father?
The Creator: Bring him here. He will receive my sentence here.
Kubera: Got it. Vishnu, Gabriel! Go to Earth and bring Cain here! Fast!
Vishnu and Gabriel stands up.
Both: Aye, Head Archangel!

The scene shows Vishnu and Gabriel appearing near Adam and Eve's cottage. They are entering the house where they find the two humans crying over their dead son body.

Vishnu: Adam...Eve...i'm sorry...
Eve looks at Vishnu. Her eyes are red because of how much she cried.*
Eve: Vishnu...are you here for Cain?
Vishnu: I'm afraid so.
Eve: It's alright...but what is going to happen with him? Are you here to kill him?
Gabriel: No, Eve. Nothing like that. Father wants to see him...we were sent here to bring him to Heavens.
Adam: least he won't die. He is still my son...
Vishnu: I don't know what Father will decide for him.
Gabriel: Tell us...where is he?
Adam: In the woods. not normal...anymore...
Vishnu: Got it.*

The two Archangels leave the house and go towards the woods. Soon the find Cain. He is sitting with his back on a tree. When he sees them he smiles.

Cain: Well, well...two Archangels came for me.*
Vishnu: What have you done, monster?!?
Cain: I killed Abel. That's what i've done.
Gabriel suddenly appears right behind him and knocks him uncouncious.
Gabriel: Enough. Let's go Vishnu.

The panel shows the Heavens. Cain is brought in the middle of the Council room. God's voice is heard.

The Creator: You have sinned Cain. You have killed your own brother. With your two hands.*
Cain: That's because you never allowed us to enter Heaven!
The Creator: You will not judge me. But i will. You are doomed to live forever. But you will not know happiness until i forgive you! You will live forever on Earth, and you will be miserable! You will be denied the entrance in Heavens!!!

The scene shows Vishnu walking with Gabriel.

Gabriel: I still can't belive what happend.
Vishnu: Me neither. But you know what's strange?
Gabriel: What?
Vishnu: That, our Father...just in the day when happend the crime...forbid us to watch the Earth. We could not see the actual moment of killing.
Gabriel: Are you doubting his guilt? He killed his own brother, Vishnu. He admit it.
Vishnu: I know that. But i was just asking why our Father denied us the opportunity to witness this.
Gabriel: Maybe he knew what was going to happen. And probably he had a reason to restrict us. That's how i see.
Vishnu: Yeah...probably...

The panel shows Sasuke. He is walking in a forest. Suddenly he gets on his knees and places his right hand on the ground. Instantly a white light hits him and he vanishes. The next scene shows him in a white room, suspended in the air.

Sasuke: Old man...
The Creator appears next to him in his elderly look.
The Creator: Death.
Sasuke: I killed Abel. Thank you for not allowing the angels to see this.
The Creator: It hurts me to see them kill eachtoher...but...
Sasuke: It's necessary. Trust me. Centuries after this moment, Cain will became Faust. And he will be one of the major forces in our war. All because of this single moment.
The Creator: I know.*
Sasuke: Now...until we meet again...
The Creator: Indeed. The next time that we will meet, will be when Raiden will be born. In the year 0.*I shall prepare my son to walk on Ear until the moment comes.
Sasuke: Exactly. Goodbye old man.
The Creator: Goodbye, Death.

The end.
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