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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

If it means anything at all,Comrades,I apologize on behalf of the middle east.

I don't really know what they were thinking, they are Islam's number one enemy. seriously, i heard nothing about the movie until the butthurts started advertising it everywhere in a torrent of rage. Let the guy play the damn movie that nobody's probably gonna watch and chill, instead of gaining nothing by rage and savage murder of innocent people other than causing way more damage to the muslim nation than the movie could've ever caused.

On the other hand i cant really buy that the US government's hands are tied by it's own freedom principles, letting any dimwit who wants to get famous produce a product that severely offends a dizillion person all over the plant is not freedom of speech it's just stupid and irresponsible. specially since the consequences are known and the same as what happens every time.

And don't get me wrong, i know how important freedom is for America and the Americans. Yeah,you can see that pretty much in every aspect in America even in the daily divorce rate. But drawing some lines in freedom of speech isn't all horrible and fascist specially that it can't be compared to civil security and diplomatic relations.

Besides, there are laws in America that protects minorities against similar offenses so why not pass preemptive ones to stop this shit from happening again?
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