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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

Originally Posted by Darth-Nero View Post
On the other hand i cant really buy that the US government's hands are tied by it's own freedom principles, letting any dimwit who wants to get famous produce a product that severely offends a dizillion person all over the plant is not freedom of speech it's just stupid and irresponsible. specially since the consequences are known and the same as what happens every time.
Government's hands are tied up, actually. The government can only interfere if one's right of freedom of speech and press infringes upon the rights of another, typically within the country. Also, the wording has to be very specific. The film basically says, "Mohammed is a homosexual pedophile." That's his opinion. Now, if his film said, "Mohammed is a homosexual pedophile, and his followers should be killed like a herd of cattle," then the government can intervene because his right to freedom of speech has infringed upon Muslims' (Muslim-Americans, mind you) right to feeling safe within the country. If there's intent to cause violence (and I'm sure the film does that, but I'm getting to that) and it can actually gain the momentum (such as a rally versus an nearly empty theater) then the government is allowed to say NOPE and drop the hammer.

It's kind of on the same grounds that neo-Nazis are allowed to have their hate rallies, but they have to jump through hoops and ladders, and they're restricted as to where they can hold their protest. A largely Jewish community a few years back successfully told some skinheads to fuck off when they tried to have a rally in their 'hood.

But drawing some lines in freedom of speech isn't all horrible and fascist specially that it can't be compared to civil security and diplomatic relations.

Besides, there are laws in America that protects minorities against similar offenses so why not pass preemptive ones to stop this shit from happening again?
I'm with you on this point, but implying any restriction of rights is the same as tazing a puppy to the average American dipshit. Also, it'd be unconstitutional, so the Supreme Court would axe it anyways. Americans just need to be educated and Muslim extremists need to be eradicated like vermin.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I'd rather we totally fortify the shit out of some embassy, put a huge billboard up with a picture of Mohammad taking a thousand cocks in the ass, and then fucking firebomb anyone who makes even the slightest stink about it over spending one second trying to not piss them off. Seriously. Fuck them. So goddamn hard. (And yeah, I know that's pretty ridiculously mean and shit. But still, fuck them.)
I would apply to work there, without a doubt. I'd probably get killed on site or beheaded and posted on the Internet, but the lulz are just too juicy to pass up.
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