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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
Which last chapter? You mean the third part, the Infinite Illusion? Because if you mean that, i didn't rewrote it. In reality Cain refrained himself from killing his brother. It was Sasuke's doing. Then he manipulated them with his Spiralling EMS, so they would think that actually Cain killed his brother.
Sorry man i got confused, i sort of imagined this chapter bit differently after your last chapter (chapter before sasuke's crime), on cain actually killing abel due to reading the story on wiki. Hence, I kind of mixed your one with it, hardly got any sleep when i posted that lol.

Another question, we now know how abel was so pious before he died. How in the world did he become so stubborn and evil (dante). It's like their mentality is swapped, like cain became abel and vice versa. What cain used to think of the world abel ends up thinking that evil in the future and cain ends up being like how abel was as a good person.
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