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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

I hate mods who don't even know the rules they enforce. I`m being framed for double-posting even though I was well within my rights in that forum.

Click the spoiler for the rant.

Well basically, I bumped up a thread that I made in the trading station at a pokemon site, which I am allowed to do once every 5 days. It had been at least 6 days since the last post, which just so happened to be my post as well, and I bumped it. I then got a request from someone in the thread and replied to that.

Today I woke up to find an infraction for doubleposting, and when I went to go get the timestamps to prove my case I found that not only had my double posts had been merged, but that the user's post was deleted with my response intact, making it look like I doubleposted AGAIN.

I`ve got screenshots to back up my case, but it's still incredibly aggravating. I bring this up because NL's staff has much more class than that, and actually KNOWS/UNDERSTANDS the rules which you guys enforce. You guys are great :3

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