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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
I was just thinking... Why did obito only transplant one RG eye??? Why not both??? Just like with madara when his EMS became the RG... he was still able to use his original MS jutsu.... So even if obito traded his kamui eye for another RG eye... He should still be able to use kamui because's unlike kakashi... the power does not come from obito's eye, but within him... just like every other uchiha's powers...

But, I think obito does not have the body to use the RG's full potential which is why obito has not used but one RG jutsu... Still though, using his own jutsu with the RG (because it is just a higher form of the MS) should be no problem...
Probably because Madara unlocked the RG for his own eyes, Obito was taking someone else's eyes and switching his out
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