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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
If that is what RH meant, then I definitely agree that it would be a stupid thing of him to say. A really stupid thing. If, however, he was suggesting that religion certainly makes it quite easy for normally rational people to justify irrational stances then I would have to agree with him.

Homosexual rights are only an issue at all in our country because of the large religious opposition of them here. I'm sure we all know that. All of us worth discussing this shit with, anyway. I know people who aren't normally irrational bigots that are against gay marriage. I think these people are normally decent individuals. However, solely because of their religious beliefs, they have taken an irrational, immoral stance. Otherwise good people taking shitty stances because of religion. If that's what that dude was referring to, then he is right.

He's still a fag, of course. But his point wouldn't be invalid if he was saying what I assume he was saying.

As for the other baby blue, I understand what he was saying. I was just saying it's stupid to compare a scientific theory to religion. Yes, both can be used to attempt to justify unjustifiable shit. Anything can. But pretty sure Darwin's Origin of Species doesn't say to kill all the jews. While the Quran, from what I understand, pretty much says to kill non-believers and shit. It's a stupid comparison.

Oh, and I wasn't giving you any shit. Whatever you personally say is totally cool with me because I like you and you're hawt. I was just saying fuck you to the rest of these guys.
s;eojfoij'kjk hghvfdsdcfhgkhjmk This is all of my rage right now. I was mad as fuck when I started frequenting again and this thread had been closed because I have SO MUCH TO SAY about that retarded shit. Did you know Romney had the nerve to say that it wasn't a civil rights issue?

Entirely other argument altogether, but still.

I agree entirely that religion can make people fucking crazy, but I still think it's the wrong target in this situation. When I see shit like this happen, I see terrorism really is and it repulses me.

If RH meant what I thought, I was only annoyed because I don't like when people [especially whole groups] are attacked for things they believe. People have a right to think what they want, so long as they don't harm, or infringe on the rights of others. I don't have to agree or think it's okay, but they still have that right-- and to bring up the Religion specifically, after everyone was okay with calling out the Radicals for being what they are, colossal cunt rags, seemed unnecessary.

Especially since he then targeted all of the other, non-assholes that were like "duuuude, this shit isn't cool, and we're sorry they do this in the name of what we believe," by saying "I don't wanna judge the whole country/religion BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT," that kind of makes me wonder if he was implying what I think he was.

Probably not, but I have this really abrasive, asshole of a friend that will shit all over religion any chance he gets [it doesn't insult me, as I'm not really religious, it's just annoying]. We could be talking about puff pastries...he'll find a way. I think it's made me a little too sensitive, since nearly everything he says has some sort of implied attack on someone for something, and that shit kills me. So, sorry RH if you meant what Mibs said.

But if you did what I think, knock your shit off is what I've been trying to say.

Edit: Mibs, baby, when are we gonna get murried <3 ahahahahahahahahahah. Marriage.

Another thing-
I'm in PoliSci 200something right now, and there's some fag in my class that's constantly spewing off stupid shit, but yesterday we were specifically talking about Libya, and he was all "WE SHUD JUST STURT SENDIN UM LOADZ OF ANTI-MUSLERM SHET AND TELL UM TO DEAL WITH IT HUUURRRRR." Give violent, homicidal groups more fuel for their harmful outbursts. They'll become desensitized.

He's that guy.
My nerves are bad to-night.
Yes, bad.
Stay with me.
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What are you thinking of?
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I never know what you are thinking.

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