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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

Got to be honest, I only read the first eight posts or so - it's 11pm and I've been reading endless walls of texts all day sorry. From scanning over the others it seems that I mostly agree with you guys anyway though.

I think that the second-most disgusting thing, other than the idiotic mob killing those people, is how Romney jumped on Obama immediately after it happened. It's just ruthless political gain. It is entirely out of Obama's control and any step he took would be wrong in Republican eyes.

I agree with Nero that there should be some control over freedom of speech in America. Everyone should have freedom of speech - but when something you're saying is clearly inflammatory and is going to put peoples' lives at risk it's stupid. The person who made that film endangered national security (actually all Western embassies now) and nothing positive has been accomplished by his actions. The film is a rehash of a film released over the summer, and the most ridiculous thing is that it hardly exists - Roger Ebert was right saying that it's a political statement rather than a film. It existed entirely to provoke a backlash from equally radical Muslims. Religious fanatics abound. Muslims in general do need to develop a thicker skin (and a better sense of humour in this country), no religion can expect pardon from ridicule, but this film was just insulting.

Freedom is 'Merican and all that but it's legally straightforward to make hateful morons like that shut the fuck up. Britain can be a bit Orwellian but nobody felt as if we were in a police state when Captain Hook got detained.

The Muslims who attacked the embassy are the ones who committed the crime, they are the savages. I am not criticising that. But rather than listening to Romney I do fucking wish that Americans would realise that people like those film makers are baiting tragedies. They don't care who they offend because it's not their blood that has to pay the price. They're parasites just as much as the thugs in Benghazi are monsters.

Edit: I do appreciate the American legal system is a mess for conducting anything practical, but I'd still stick to my point. Restricting freedom of speech won't happen in America for all the obvious reasons, but it still should.

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