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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

I just think that at least 1% of them have to follow some kind of logic, no matter how fucked up. Some kind of retribution, even if it isn't execution or whatever the fuck they want, could count for them.

I just fundamentally have to disagree that at least some of them aren't rational. Nobody is Disney-style evil, stupid often, but some minor-brained people have to have got to that position somehow.

Similar approaches were taken in Ireland, and now there are a lot less crazy religious people blowing up schoolchildren. Other approaches were taken simultaneously then - that's completely true, but I would say that some freedom of speech limitations aren't mutually exclusive to trying to educate/police the people who are causing shit. Reaching out like the better human to these scum, to try and change them, is better than just trying to eradicate them by force.

@Van I happily agree it couldn't happen in the USA, but equally nothing is really going to happen to the people in Libya (etc.) anyway. Obama or Romney sure aren't going to waste resources on trying to do something pro-active about it in the countries. Even with the propaganda that would generate it would be suicide on the world-stage. Especially when the West haven't even got the balls to just walk into Syria and ignore China and Russia.

I'm just arguing the principle.

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