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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

Originally Posted by rokudaime_hokage View Post
Sorry for going all the fucking way back but I had to read the whole thing again since when I first did it, I was in a hurry. (I even thank a post where Mibz called me a fag. (fuck)

How do you happen believe that it is wrong to target religion in this situation? When the reason why they did this shit, was because that asshole of the video made fun of Ahmed (or Muhammad idk) the prophet of their invisible sky daddy?

lol, but they did harm people, based on their religion, in this fucking situation. Like I said, that book they (supposedly) based their lives on, actually supports the shit they just did (directly or indirectly.) This is why my hairy man tits cannot be calmed. I'm sorry that you don't like it but it's true

No, wait. It is more like "I don't want to judge the whole country BUUUTTTT their religion is...." type of deal.

Yeah your friend was an ass, I would definitely would not do that shit to my friends. I only would do that if you were a fucking jehovah witness knocking on my door on a saturday morning.

To clarify:
I said "religion can turn regular human beings into monsters" not that it does (every single one of them)
Edit: Backspaced wall of text. I've come to realize you're abrasive, and you'll probably just argue with me more even though I already conceded and said I might have/probably misunderstood you.
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