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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


Links to Chapter 0: 1st, 2nd and 3rd posts. Musical Themes.
Link to the map (read the second, the first is obsolete)

Chapter 1
Prologue (Part 2 of 3)

Internal Nebula, Litholeukos, Land of Prometheus
Twentieth Second Day of Taurus, 15 years before the Fall

Built inside the shaft carved on the mount’s entrails, the Internal Nebula is a network of teleportation orbs, placed in the many entrances to the complex, that grants access to any level, as long as the person using the orb has clearance, given by a key made of a piece of the same crystal of the orbs, Numenite. The gentiles of the Hod district only can go to the first four levels, the dwellers of Hesed to the first five and the nobles of Binah to all levels but the seventh, which access is granted only to the soldiers serving the city and its stewards, the Gorgon Sisters. The reason behind the name of the structure lays upon the visual effect the teleportation spell provides, an ghostly white glow that coils along the shaft, which in times of great activity forms a luminous cloud.

As he holds the key in his left hand near the orb, the captain of the platoon whispers some words, summoning a magical web that binds all the soldiers, Sathariel and his personnel, allowing everyone to be teleported at the same time*.

*Yetzirah’s Word of Bond: Wraithlike Winding Web

Everyone arrives safely at the orb in the seventh level, located in a wide veranda with a great view to both the Internal Nebula downwards and the Royal Palace in front of them.

Captain: We’ll end our escort here, melech. The guard of the palace will ensure the safety of everyone.

Sathariel: Thank you, everyone.

As soon as they finish their bows, the platoon goes back to the orb, while Sathariel’s entourage walks towards the palace. Inside of it awaits a long hall, filled with many stone statues of body language and expressions so defined one could swear they were once alive. Beyond the doors at the end of the hall lies the throne room, where the Gorgon Sisters patiently await their emperor, dressed in white cotton burkas. On the left sits Euryale with a small and chubby figure, while on the other side Stheno shows a tall and thin figure. In the middle, Medusa’s attire, even if discrete, reveals gorgeous curves.

With a welcoming brigade of trombones, drums and sitars, Satheriel is the first to enter the room and the Sisters get off their thrones and bow down.

Sathariel: I came as soon as your words reached Sitra Achra. The enchantment is complete, right?

Stheno: Ssstraight to the point, aren’t we, melech? Emperorsss, alwaysss running to catch time lossst!

Sathariel: I beg your pardon?

Euryale: Forgive my sssissster, but please come with usss to the enchantment ssslab, melech.

Euryale points to a door to the left with a wave of the hand, and the Sisters walk towards it, quickly followed by Sathariel and Isaac. Behind the door lays a room filled with witchcraft bric-a-brac, from the runes drawn in every surface to spell books and passing by various plants and body parts conserved in jars. Medusa lifts a velvety rag, revealing two crowns.

Euryale: These grand crownsss have the enchantment you requesssted, melech.

Sathariel: Good, very good.

Isaac: Forgive me if I’m being meddlesome, melech, but those are two grand crowns, so milady Gamaliel won’t be wearing it…

Sathariel: That’s because they’re not for me and my wife. They’re for Esau and Cathariel.

Isaac: Truly, melech? And what is this enchantment?

Stheno: It’sss the Blessssssing of Immortality!

Isaac’s jaw nearly drops at Stheno’s statement.

Sathariel: It’s a measure of prevention, in the case I die in the plan to conquer the Land of Izanami. Times can be turbulent for all Eretsaphir if that happens and I’m simply making sure they won’t be killed because of my decisions.

Isaac: Why don’t use it yourself, melech?

Sathariel: Because there’s no point of perpetuating my bloodline by only perpetuating my life. If anything, being the last of my kind is a sign that my time is running thin.

Isaac: Melech, but…

Sathariel: You sound like I’m dying tomorrow. Don’t worry about it, please. No, if you excuse me, I’ll go to my chambers to rest. Riding a behemoth does a number on anyone’s back.

Euryale: We underssstand, melech. Your chambersss are in the upmossst floor.

Sathariel: Thank you. And before I forget, Medusa, I’ve noticed you’ve been awfully quiet. If it’s still because of my father, I can’t apologize enough for what happened.

Medusa: …

Stheno: Inconsssiderate bassstard, jussst forget about it!

Sathariel: Then it’s no longer here who said it.

Sathariel and Isaac leave the room, prompting a muted laugh from the Gorgon Sisters.

Medusa: FilTHy luciFer.

Stheno: Who doesss he thinksss he isss? Talksss about rape ssso casually!

Medusa: i can’T waiT FOr hIS lasT BreaTH sO hIS KinD is Finally purgeD FrOM tHe Face OF ereTsapHir.

Euryale: Calm yourssselvesss, my sssisssterss. Now we jussst have to wait for the sssuccccessssssorsss to wear the crownsss for usss to become immortal asss them.

Stheno: Well, Medusa thinksss eternal youth isss better.

Medusa: jeaLousy is sucH an ugly THing.

The District of Hod, Litholeukos, Land of Prometheus
Twentieth Third Day of Taurus, 15 years before the Fall

The night turns the grey mist that embraces the district into a reddish haze due to the lanterns hanging just above every house and shack’s door. Walking through the haze, a soldier arrives to a door of a rather small house and knocks on the door.

Soldier: Hey, Kuon, the ninth grand hour is almost upon us and we need to start our patrol.

At the answer of silence, the soldier knocks a second time. A third. On the fourth knocking, he exasperates and grabs the door handle, to find for his surprise that the door was unlocked. Opening the door, the soldier finds a dead Glasya-Labolas, an undressed lupine-like demon with gryphon wings covered in blood. Horrified by the sight, the soldier quickly grabs his bugle, strapped to his thigh, and lets loose the yowl of the brass.

When the bugle sounds chain from Hod all the way up to Keter, the captain leaves the palace, rushing to the verge of the district and stares to Hod, making his eyes glimmer of gold*. Soldiers leave after him, one of them approaching the verge.

* Beriah’s Word of Intelligence: Golden Eye

Soldier: What’s going on, Captain?

Captain: First Lieutenant Távros Marax found Second Lieutenant Kuon Glasya-Labolas dead in his home. Shiroi Kiba is on the move and disguised as one of us. I want eight soldiers to cover each hectare of the city, with special focus on the edges of the districts. I also want every soldier with a password, “chocolate-bathed prostitute”.

An uncomfortable silence nestles between the two.

Soldier: What?

Captain: Did I stutter? The password is random enough for him not to guess. Now let’s get him!

As the whole guard of the city flees from the palace, Sathariel looks through the window.

Sathariel: I wonder if you’re here, Jacob.

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