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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Shiroi Kiba: We may be on opposite sides… but is of the same coin. I struggled my whole life to prove myself and… to be killed by a boy it would be a shame for any other person… but I see it as a sign. A sign that a new age is coming. If I can’t be there… at least may my power be there. You deserve it.

Shiroi Kiba makes a fist out of his right hand and puts the palm of his left hand over it.

Shiroi Kiba: Sengoku Morohamune. That’s my real name. It’s simply a matter of courtesy.

As he speaks those words, he starts to disintegrate into lightning*, gathering around his wakizashi, which drops on the ground, making a metallic clink as the last bird-like chirps of electricity quiet down. Jacob grabs it right before hearing steps coming from the nearby hallway. As a couple of soldiers enter the room accompanied by a deacon, they see nothing out of the ordinary.

*Yetzirah’s Word of Sacrifice: Soul Weapon

Sathariel still looks outside his window, trying to figure out the frenzy happening in the lower districts, when someone knocks on his door.

Sathariel: Who is it?

Captain: Captain Peteinón Valefar, melech.

Sathariel: Come in.

Peteinón enters as Sathariel faces him.

Peteinón: Melech, Lightning sounds were heard within the Temple of Daleth’s reliquary and there’s blood on the floor, but no sign of Shiroi Kiba.

Sathariel smiles.

Peteinón: We’ll restrict the searches to the upper five districts and reinforce the guard in the palace to protect you, melech.

Sathariel: Good. You’re dismissed.

Peteinón bows and leaves Sathariel’s room.

Sathariel: You’re here, aren’t you, Jacob?

Jacob appears from a shadowed corner, wielding a wakizashi on his hand.

Jacob: Sorry for not bringing his head, but he decided to imbue himself in his blade.

Sathariel: I thought honor was of the samurai. Well, you can keep the sword for yourself and consider it spoils of w-

Sathariel is interrupted by the convulsive coughing of Jacob, who was expelling blood due to his wonded stomach. He falls back and Sathariel quicly picks him up.

Sathariel: I’ll call a medic.

Jacob: Don’t *cough* my father will find out.*cough*

Sathariel: Don’t worry, he won’t. Just don’t be so reckless next time.

The Plains of Forbidden Sights, near Mikmereth, Land of Marduk
Seventieth Ninth Day of Pisces, a week before the Fall

Although a city of almost 25 million habitants in the present day, back then not even the cattle head count of the little village of goat herders, Mikmereth, amounted to 250. One can only imagine the surprise said herders had when they found themselves surrounded by an army of two hundred myriads, spawning from the temporary headquarters located on a kilometer down the Seventh Road in the direction of Amphiblestron. Inside the headquarters, Sathariel presides an assembly involving the Qliphoth and two promising captains: Esau Alastor, now a 27 years-old broad knight and Cathariel Satan, a 21 years-old wizard. On the other hand, Isaac had grown too old for a proper sight, but still a great listener and counselor.

Gamchitoch: Our numinous readers can’t pick a thing beyond the borders of the Land of Tanen. The soil itself is oozing of Numen.

Chaigidel: We’re complet-t-tly ignorant-t-t-t of what-t-t’s out-t-t th-th-there.

Thagirion: Disaster!

Sathariel: Here we go again, moaning like a bunch of hags. We simply need to adapt our troops to the terrain. We’ve been teaching them all the strategies my father used on his reign. He managed to conquer Ahalzeer by climbing a 2000 meters tall mountain with his bare hands along with an army of a thousand and won’t when we have two hundred myriads divided in 160 units? If I’m correct, that’s more than a myriad in each unit. Trust me, we do not need to worry about the numbers or strategies.

Gamaliel: But we’re talking about the Malakeben.

Sathariel: I know, darling, but even gods have their limits. There’s no such thing as perfection and we need to figure out their weak points. That’s why I gathered such a big army, in the eventuality we struggle to find them out.

Nehemah: And you think your plan will work, melech?

Sathariel: It has to work, since we have no other alternative. Now, we need to choose the unit leaders. The first ten units are already locked for us.

Samael: Plenty of people are between the 21st and 27th martial ranks, melech.

Sathariel: You mean the 21st and the 26th. You know very well I have ten generals and not just you, the nine Qliphoth.

Thamiel: You are too kind by still calling him your general, melech. He’s a rogue with a rank too high.

Created by Sheireil Lucifer, the Martial Ranks go from 1 to 30, given to warriors and mages considering their power and aptitude and distinguishable by rank titles. Ranks 1 and 2 are given to apprentices, ranks 3 and 6 are given to cadets, ranks 7 to 11 are given to second lieutenants, ranks 12 to 15 are given to first lieutenants, ranks 16 to 20 are given to captains, ranks 21 to 24 are given to majors, ranks 25 and 26 are given to colonels, ranks 27 to 29 are given to generals and rank 30 is exclusive to the head of the empire. But, for the dismay of many, an high rank doesn’t warrant loyalty to the empire and many stop serving it, either to work in private enterprises or, most appallingly, as members of insurgent militias or even defectors who pledge allegiance to Iemitsu Oni.

Sathariel: May it be so, but we still need to appoint leaders for the units.

Samael: First we need to narrow down the candidates, melech. If the data isn’t wrong, there are 27 colonels and 437 majors.

Sathariel: Well, obviously the colonels will have units 11 through 37. Well, if someone has to use the privy or eat something, I advise you to go now, since this is going to be a long day skimming through names.

All but Sathariel and Esau leave the table.

Esau: Melech, I noticed I’m still not assigned to any unit.

Sathariel: We’re still deciding where the majors should go. Have a little of patience.

Esau: Forgive me, melech, but I know that’s a lie. I have lieutenants subordinate to me that I know for sure they were already assigned to units.

Sathariel: Sorry for not being completely honest with you, Esau, but I’ll need you in the headquarters alongside your father.

Esau: But you know I want to fight alongside you, melech!

Sathariel: I know, but I love as if you’re a son of my own. You must understand that I want to be safe.

Esau: But-

Sathariel: As I said, have a little of patience. If this campaign is successful, I’ll make sure you’ll be fighting in the invasion of the Land of Izanami. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the privy.

Sathariel leaves a disappointed Esau behind and, as he walks the corridor that leads to the privies found outside, a familiar face appears. Jacob, now 27 years-old, has embraced a dark purple attire with a long cape and cowl covering the overwhelming majority of his body.

Sathariel: Great sense of timing, Jacob, you can’t imagine how glad I am to see you.

Jacob: Tired of the dog begging for scraps, I presume.

Sathariel: You call your own brother a dog?

Jacob: What else is he? My brother only scratched some wooden dummies, barked to other dogs in make-believe of fights and thinks that by wagging his tail he’ll get a bone. He doesn’t know what is to have blood in one’s hands, what a real fight is.

Sathariel: The more I hear you, the more assured I am that you’d never be a captain as your brother. You’d be a wolf in the middle of dogs. Nevertheless, I have a job for you. Maybe the last I give to you.

Sathariel picks an envelope from his pocket and hands to Jacob. Jacob starts to read it, getting merrier by the word he reads.

Sathariel: You seem to like it.

Jacob: I’ve dreamed of this for years. But why now?

Sathariel: Just in case this campaign fails. Dogs need protection from bigger dogs, you know? Don’t forget, do it on the night of the turning of the year. Until then, study your strategy.

Jacob: Will do.

Jacob disappears as some of the generals come back from the privies. Sathariel now takes a deep breath, knowing that all the wheels were set in motion for the greatest feat in Daemon history.
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