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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The latest chapter it's up guys. Enjoy and give me your critics, questions and so on.

Chapter seven: The Hunt.

The scene shows The Heavens. Several centuries have passed since Abel's death. Vishnu is walking with Aphrodite in the gardens.

Aphrodite: love me?
Vishnu stops and looks at her.
Vishnu: When i look at you...i feel like everything...everything that it's wonderful...happend to me. I feel that i have need for nothing else. Just you. So...yeah...i love you!
Suddenly Livontes's voice is heard.
Livontes: human of you, Vishnu.*
Vishnu: What do you want Livontes?
Livontes lands near them and goes towards Vishnu. He stops very close to him and whispers in his ear.
Livontes: I will give you one last chance to prove your so called friendship. Meet me here, in four hours. We will talk then.
Vishnu: Fine. I will meet you in four hours.

The panel it's switched. It shows the garden four hours later. Vishnu lands in the middle of a small group. He spots Livontes, Quintrix, Nirriti and another angel, Narasimha.

Vishnu: So...why have you called me for, Livontes?
Livontes: Vishnu. We will tell you about our plan. As you know...the Earth is filled with humans.
Vishnu: Empires have risen and fallen. Of course that i know.
Quintrix: We thought that, the Earth might need...leaders. So the humans won't make the same mistakes over and over again.
Vishnu: Leaders? What kind of leaders?
Nirriti: As in rulers.
Vishnu: I see. And what do you want from me?
Narasimha: Join us. Together, we will conquer the Earth and establish a monarchy of angels.
Vishnu looks at each one of them.
Vishnu: There is something that i don't understand here. Why?
Livontes: What do you mean why?!?
Vishnu: It's a simple question. Why do you want this?
Livontes: Because we are tired to be kept here in Heavens. Because we want to break the chains that are holding us here. Because we want to know the power of being free.
Vishnu: Actually i think that the answer it's a bit different. You just want the power. That's all.
Quintrix: So, what now, Vishnu? Are you with us or not?
Vishnu smiles: Of course that i am against this. I will not betray the Heavens and Father.
Nirriti: Then your loyalty will cost you. Your life...
Quintrix: I told you Livontes that he is not trustworthy!
Livontes: I'm sorry everyone. I was wrong. He is just a stranger afterall.
The four angels slowly surround Vishnu.*
Vishnu: Are you sure that you want to do this?
Narasimha: We are four. You are one.*
Vishnu smiles: Even so, i am an Archangel.*
Livontes: It doesn't matter. You are not much more powerful than me. With the others, we can take you down.
Suddenly a red shadow lands behind Vishnu.
Yama: He is not alone!
Vishnu surprised: Yama! What are you doing here?!?
Yama: Watching your back.
Vishnu: I don't remember you being a huge fan of mine.
Yama smiles: Do you want to argue with me now, or do you want to stop these bastards?
Vishnu: I'd go with stoping them.
Almost instantly Quintrix and Livontes release two purple beams from their hands. Vishnu dodges one and deflects the other, while he takes out his sword. Yama already appeared in front of Narasimha and engages him in sword fighting. Vishnu dashes and tries to slash Livontes but Quintrix blocks his attack. Livontes uses the momentum and aims for a beheading, but Vishnu suddenly releases from his body a dense white aura. When Livontes's blade connects with the aura, it gets turned into ashes.
Livontes: What the...!?!
Vishnu pushes back Quintrix and vanishes from their sight. He appears behind Livontes and punches him. The sound of the ribs cracking is heard. Livontes falls on his knees and Vishnu simply punches him in the back of his head. Quintrix turns around and tries to run, but Vishnu points his right hand towards him.
Vishnu: Lightning strike!
He shots from the tip of his finger a single lightning bolt that impales Quintrix in the shoulder and pins him to the ground.
At the same time Yama is using his eyes on Nirriti, weakening him. Narasimha tries to slash him, but the angel blocks the attack. Then he uses his left hand, pushes himself from the ground, jumps above Narasimha and lands behind him. Narashimha tries to impale Yama, but the latter makes acrobatic moves again. He blocks Narasimha's blade, uses it as a ledge for his left foot, jumps just above the angel, makes a spin in the air and lands with his foot right on Narasimha's head. The angel falls down uncouncious. Nirriti tries to use the opportunity to decapitate Yama, but the angel simply breaks Nirriti's sword with his bare hand. And in the next moment he punches him in the chest taking him out.
Vishnu: Impressive, Yama.
Yama: Same goes for you.*
Vishnu: May i ask now? What are you doing here?
Yama: Head Archangel, Kubera had his suspicions about these four for a while. I was spying them. When they made you the invitation i was waiting to see how you will respond. It would have became quite difficult to take down the five of you. This place would have became a real battlefield.*
Vishnu: Well, their plan sounds insane to me. They actually want to betray the Heavens. I cannot stand that.
Yama: It's good to know, because i was ready to kill you.
Vishnu smiles: That, if you can handle me.
Yama: Don't worry Vishnu...i can handle you...
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