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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene it's switched. It shows the Earth. Lucifer's cave. Suddenly Sasuke lands exactly in front of the entrance.

Lucifer: Sasuke...what are you doing here?
Sasuke: I'm here Lucifer, because i need you.
Lucifer: What for?
Sasuke smiles menacing: I need you to make a connection between a couple of people and Hell.

The panel it's switched. It shows the Heaven. In a prison there are kept Livontes, Quintrix, Nirriti and Narasimha.*

Livontes: Damn it. What now?
Quintrix: I assume that we will be judged. And convicted.
Nirriti: Probably banished to Earth like Lucifer.
Narasimha: Or killed.
Livontes: Or, they will release us. Afterall i don't think that everyone sees this just like Vishnu. I think that they also want the power to control thd Earth.*
Quintrix: And if they don't?
Livontes: Then we shall die.
Suddenly an unknown voice is heard.
Unknown: Or maybe, you can defeat the Archangel order and seize the Earth yourselves.
Livontes: Who are you?!?
Lucifers steps into the light.
Livontes shocked: Ma...Master!?!
Lucifer: Hello Livontes.
Livontes: What are you doing here?!?
Lucifer: I'm here to offer you power. I am here to allow you to control the power.
Livontes: What power!?!
Lucifer: The antagonist of the Light release. The Demonic release.
Quintrix confused: Demonic release??!
Lucifer smiles: A power that comes straight from Hell!

The scene it's switched. It shows Archangel council room. In the center are in chains, the four traitors.

Michael: You are all charged with treason! Against Father and against the Heavens! What do you have to say for yourselves?
Livontes: Well, Michael. Let me start then with exposing our point of view. Currently, the Heavens are reigned by you, the Archangels. And the Archangels are led by the Head. Right now, the Earth it's corrupted. With Adam and Eve's death, the human kind went to an involutive stage. They just discovered the fire and the wheel. They need guidance. They need protection. They need...gods.
Gabriel: Gods...that's a nice term. But i'm afraid that it won't happen. Our Father wanted the man to be free, and free he shall be.
Kubera: Wait a moment, Gabriel. It actually makes sense, what Livontes is proposing.
Vishnu: You're kidding me.
Kubera: No I am not. I'm serious. Why shouldn't we rule over the Earth?
Vishnu: Because it would be a betrayal.*
Kubera: And who would we betray, Vishnu?
Vishnu: Our Father. He never told us to seize power.
Kubera: Then if he is silent about this, we can take it ourselves.
Brahma: Careful there, Kubera. I'm with Vishnu on this one. We don't have to betray our beliefs.
Kubera: Beliefs! We have no such thing! We are the dominating force! We should take control! We should guide them!
Vishnu: You mean reign over them. I'm sorry, Kubera. I am not with you. If you chose to do this, i will fight against you.
Brahma: Me too.
Michael: I support Vishnu and Brahma.
Shiva: I'm with them too.
Gabriel: Same here.
Raphael: Their logic is flawless. I stand with my brothers. I will not join you Kubera.
Kubera: Actually, you have no power, my dears. I am the Head Archangel. I will decide for everyone.
Brahma stands up: Actually, cannot do that. If the whole order opposes this idea, your powers are in vain.
Kubera stands up and slowly charges his energies.
Kubera: Brahma...are you going to fight against me?
Brahma: Yes i will. I will not allow you to do this.
Kubera: Then you will die!
Vishnu stands up too.
Vishnu: It means that you will have to kill us both, because i'm with Brahma.
The rest of the Archangels: Me too!
Vishnu: Actually Kubera...i think that you should resign your position. You are not fit anymore for being the Head.
Kubera shouts: What?!?
Brahma smiles: Exactly. Good idea. Kubera please exit the room. You are not welcomed here anymore.
Kubera suddenly releases a this grey ray towards Brahma. In an instant, Gabriel protects his fellow angel with a light shield. Michael jumps and tries to slash Kubera but the latter dodges the attack. Just when he dodged, four lightnings hits him directly in his arms and legs, pinning him to a wall. Vishnu is shown with the electricity streaming around his hand.
Raphael uses the momentum and punches Kubera through the wall. As the Archangel gets up, Brahma releases a stream of flames at him. Kubera deflects them and appears exactly in front of Brahma trying to slash his chest. Shiva manages to block the attack and Vishnu is shown concentrating his energies in his palm.
Gabriel spots him and screams: *Shit! Cover your eyes, everyone!!!
At the same moment he projects a shields over everyone, except Kubera.
Vishnu shouts: Light release! Blazing nebula!
He releases from his palm a sphere that vanishes instantly and appears in front of Kubera. The sphere explodes destroying everything. The blast it's giant. The building was destroyed completely.
Vishnu: That should do it...
Kubera is heard: If you think that you can stop me with something like this...
And suddenly he stops talking. A red shadow appears behind him. Yama is holding his knife at Kubera's throat.
Yama: It's over.*
Kubera: Light release! Divine expulsion!
He dissappears in a ray of light. At the same time, the four prisoners vanish with him.
Vishnu: Dammit. He escaped us.
Michael: It doesn't matter. He cannot defeat us all.
Gabriel: Yeah, but there is only one place where he can go.
Raphael: Earth...
Brahma: And the Earth it's populated with humans.
Shiva: They could also ally themselves with Lucifer.
Brahma: It's unlikely. Lucifer hates the man kind. He doesn't wish to rule over it, he wants to destroy it.
Yama: So, what do you think that they will do?
Brahma: I don't know Yama. He was your teacher. You should tell us.
Vishnu: Hey, leave him alone Brahma. He is not guilty. He tried to stop Kubera. He is in the same position that i was when Lucifer left.
Gabriel: Yeah, Vishnu is right. Leave him alone.
Brahma: We must do something anyway.
Shiva: Well, we could form a search party and sent it to search for them.
Vishnu: That's a good idea. But first...i propose Brahma as our new Head. Do you agree?
All of them: We agree.
Brahma: Thank you my brothers. It's a great honor. I accept it.
Vishnu: You're welcome.
Brahma: is right. We will form a search party, led by Vishnu. Gabriel and four other angels with go with you. You will search the Earth for Kubera and stop him.*
Vishnu: Got it. Then it will be me, Gabriel, Yama, Kalkin, Agni and Aphrodite.
Brahma: Perfect. It's a good choice that you have made. In the meantime, Michael, you will organize the Heavens. We must be prepared for an imminent attack. Raphael and Shiva will help you.*
Michael: Got it.
Brahma: Then...go...and good luck!
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