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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows a giant portal opened in the gardens.

Vishnu is shown. His outfit got several modifications. He is not wearing a black jumpsuit, with blue steel armguards. The same blue steel is used to protect his shoulders and knees. He wears blue boots and has strapped at his back his hawk head sword. Across his black jumpsuit, blue light trays are implemented. His eyes are determined.*
Suddenly in front of him lands five angels.
Vishnu: Gabriel, Aphrodite, Yama, Kalkin and Agni. Welcome.*
Gabriel looks at him and smiles: Nice outfit.
Vishnu: Thanks. Well, let me brief you first. Our mission is simple. Search and assassinate Kubera, Livontes, Quintrix, Nirriti and Narasimha. Our priority is Kubera though. We will move as a single unit, without split-ups. I think that i have made a good choice by selecting you guys into my team. First of all: our defensive specialist: the Archangel Gabriel. Our healer: Aphrodite. Agni is our short range fighter. Kalkin is our long range fighter. Yama is our tracking specialist. And i am the main offensive. We will search our targets one by one. The best approach would be by trying to eliminate them in a silent way. But, if we get to a full-scale battle, these are your roles. Gabriel: you will handle Quintrix. Kalkin you will fight with Narasimha. Agni you will fight Nirriti. I shall fight Livontes. And Yama, you will fight Kubera since he was your teacher.
Yama: There is a problem. I was never able to defeat him. And your Archangel order barely held him.
Vishnu: I don't think that either Livontes our Quintrix will be much trouble for me and Gabriel. We shall be able to help you shortly. You just have to stall him enough.*
Yama: That i can do.
Vishnu: Good. Now, our formation. We will advance in a cross shaped formation. I will be the first. Behind me will be Aphrodite. Her back will be watched by Agni. At her left will be Kalkin. And at her right, Yama. The formation will be closed by Gabriel from behind. That way, our healer shall be protected from each side, the offensive will be handled by me if we encounter something from the front side, the rears are covered and the back is protected by Gabriel's shields.
Yama thinking: Impressive. He already planned an entire formation that will work flawlessly. That's quite something.*
Vishnu: Now...everyone, check your equipments. And tell me if you have any objections or suggestions.
Everyone: No.
Vishnu: Then...let's go!

The panel it's switched. It shows the Earth. The angel formation is shown moving at a very high speed through a dense forest. Suddenly Vishnu stops.

Vishnu: Something is not right.
Yama: What do you mean?
Vishnu: There is someone waiting for us...ahead.
Yama: One of the traitors?
Vishnu: Not exactly.*
Suddenly a tall man lands in front of them. He has black hair and a menacing smile.
Sasuke: Hello, angels.
Vishnu: Sasuke?!?
Sasuke: Oh, hi Vishnu. Long time no see, right?
Vishnu: Are you aware that i must hunt you down?
Sasuke: was not. Anyway, here it's your chance.
Vishnu: What do you mean?
Sasuke: You're searching for Kubera and the others, right?
Vishnu: How did you..!?!
Sasuke: Well...they are not available to fight with you right now. So, i suggest that you should turn aroud and go home.
Vishnu: Or what?
Sasuke smiles: Or i will have to make you.
Vishnu smiles too: Sasuke...even you cannot fight all of us.
Sasuke: Well...would you like to put that to the test?
Almost instantly the scene gets confusing because of the dust raised and smoke. As the scene gets clear again the panel shows an interesting image. Sasuke blocked with the tip of his sword Yama's dagger, with his left foot Kalkin's punch and with his right hand Agni's leg. Then he just makes a spin and throws the three angels away. Vishnu smiles.
Vishnu: Everyone...stay behind. Me and Gabriel will deal with him. Kalkin, Yama, Agni, protect Aphrodite.
Aphrodite: Vishnu...are you sure that you can defeat him?
Vishnu smiles: He may be on a whole other level...but we are two Archangels.
Gabriel smiles too: And we have the perfect defensive and one of the most powerful offensives that the Heavens ever knew.
Sasuke: Most powerful offensive? Come on, me what you got my friend. You won't put even a scratch on me.
Gabriel: We have to move fast...Vishnu. Extremly fast.
Vishnu: I aware of his sword. It can pierce through everything.
Sasuke: So...are we going to do this or not?
Instantky Vishnu claps his hands and sends from his palms a stream of electricity towards Sasuke. The young Uchiha deflects the beams of lightning with his sword. Gabriel creates a light spear and throws it at Sasuke, but just when it was about to hit the God of Death, he simply cut in half.*
Sasuke: That's all you got?
Vishnu takes out his sword and envelops it in light element. He dahses towards Sasuke and starts clashing with him. But the Uchiha's experience is shown, and Sasuke manages to get the upper hand and inflicts several cuts on Vishnu's body. Vishnu tries to impale the man, but he leaves an opening.*
Sasuke: You fool...
Sasuke pierces in Vishnu's torso direction but the tip of his blade stops. Gabriel appeared next to Vishnu and protected him using a light shield.
Gabriel: You cannot break this!
Sasuke smiles and breaks Gabriel's shield with ease. The two Archangels jump back.
Gabriel: He is amazing.
Vishnu: It seems that we will have to go all out against him.
Sasuke smiles: Please...i'm not even serious about fighting you right now.
Vishnu:'re about to get!
Suddenly everyone stops from moving. The air is thicker. The wind is not blowing anymore.
Vishnu's voice is heard.
Vishnu whispering: Raigan...
Almost instantly he appears behind Sasuke, wielding a powerful light sword. His movements were so fast that he even left an afterimage. He strikes at Sasuke's back. The Uchiha leaves the impression that he didn't even noticed Vishnu. But as the blade approaches him, Sasuke simply catches the light sword and breaks it with his bare hand.
Sasuke: It's not that simple Vishnu.*
Vishnu shocked lands in front of him.
Vishnu: a shield on everyone.*
Gabriel: Are you...?!?
Vishnu: Yeah. I am going to use that.
Gabriel: Light release! Soul protection!
Instantly light shields appear in front of every angel present on the battlefield.
Vishnu places his hands on the ground and starts focusing.
Vishnu: Light release...Divine Breaking attack!!!!
From the ground several pillars of light emerge towards Sasuke's direction. As the pillars emerge, each and every one explodes, releasing a colosal energy. The explosions are so great that they equall an atomic one. The last pillar explodes exactly below Sasuke.
As the dust and the smoke clears up, the scene it's an apocalyptic one. Everything was burned down by Vishnu's attack.*
Gabriel thinking: So this is the power of Vishnu...i wonder how was Yama able to beat him...
Aphrodite: My love...
Yama thinking: have evolved...those eyes of yours...are more dangerous than ever.
And suddenly from the remaining dust, an unscathed Sasuke rises. He is enveloped in a strange outfit. He wears a long black cape, with ragged ends, and he has the right arm enveloped in a bone like armor.
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