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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
No need to apologize, bro. We know not all muslims are like those fucks. I don't even see this as a religious or political thing. When it comes down to it these people are just subhuman mongrels committing senseless, horrific murders. They would really kill most of us here without a second thought. They would kill their own mothers and sisters for similarly senseless reasons. They really are just fucking monsters.

That said, they deserve all the blame for this. All of it, every single bit. It isn't some random dude's fault for making a shitty as fuck youtube level movie about something that upsets a bunch of savages. This isn't like someone poking a bee nest. These scumbags aren't drone insects that are incapable of thinking things through. They are people that are fully aware of the horrible things they're doing.
wasn't at all trying to find an excuse for those murderers. when i started posting in this thread i had on idea what the video was about or read any news articals, it was just stuff that i heard. but holy shit, now after i watched the video i can't believe that 4 people got murdered because of it. I mean at 1st i thought it's about logical criticize of Mohammed with ridicule and mockery included but no, It's just a cheap plain trolling. the only way he could've made it more obvious is to type "U mad?" instead of "The end". the guy just got what he wanted pretty easily and yes, no excuse for the murder.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I'd rather we totally fortify the shit out of some embassy, put a huge billboard up with a picture of Mohammad taking a thousand cocks in the ass, and then fucking firebomb anyone who makes even the slightest stink about it over spending one second trying to not piss them off. Seriously. Fuck them. So goddamn hard. (And yeah, I know that's pretty ridiculously mean and shit. But still, fuck them.)
I understand you were furious when you said that, Mibs, and i know you probably have nothing against Islam or the Prophet or muslims themselves, you just see it as the least justice to continue provoking those extremists. but stuff like that provokes the vast majority of muslims community (Who are on your side, me included) which i don't see any different from the tearing and burning of the US flag, Just provoking an inter nation over an act of but a few. Not telling you something as childish as "be the better man" or some shit, just put in mind that you recieved better education and life style than those emotionally suppressed extremist of fuck. so don't make your reaction similar to there's.

@LN~ thanks alot man, you opened my eyes on alot of stuff i didn't see or take in consideration. Dunno how the American constitution part slipped my mind when i said what i said.
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