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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
And goddammit. I wish all the people I like here were goddamn atheists. Because insulting shit my buddies believe isn't something I really enjoy doing. But goddamn.
Really pleased that you said that after what you said earlier, Nice to know that i understood you correctly <333

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I dunno guys. Edit: I agree with this guy^

Should we really make laws against pissing off fucking savages because they conduct themselves like they are rabid chimpanzees or some shit and can't handle a guy making a youtube video that upsets them without going out and murdering innocent people? It's not like the goddamn movie was US government funded or anything. Fuck off, you goddamn savages.
The act of redicule piss off the whole muslim community or atleast the majority, only the poor uneducated and the extremists react that savagely as a cries for a proper respect. I think we can all agree that the act of ridicule is loathful and can't by any means considered civil and am not talking only about muslims. Ridiculing and mocking and insulting shouldn't be just a moral crime if it takes lives that frequently. And yes, all those acts are criminalized and punishable by law around here (with punishment that fits a crime ofcourse, no beheading or bullshit movies stuff)
Point is, It's not as unjust as you're portraing it. there are already laws in the US that criminalize killing for any reason other than selfdefence so it's only fair to criminalize ridicule, But that's a moo point atm since it needs Conistitutional amendments as LN mentioned

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Yeah, the loss of innocent lives is horrible and tragic. It's really, really goddamn upsetting. And it certainly isn't necessary for people to be trying to piss these guys off. But come on. Fuck those guys, seriously. What the fuck are these countries doing about all the goddamn psychopath murderers they have as citizens? If our country is going to do something about it, we should do something that doesn't involve trying to appease monsters at the expense of our own citizens' freedoms. Like get on these guys to clean up their shithole countries to the point where foreign diplomats aren't being murdered and having their corpses dragged through the streets because of some low budget, shitty movie. Which really shouldn't be a lot to ask.

You're right, what happened in buttfuck Libya was a complete national security joke. yet again, it's buttfuck Libya. killing anyone there is quite easy but honestly i didn't think that the situation there is a clasterfuck to the level of simply infiltrating an American embassy.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Besides, if the US made pissing off crazy sand savages illegal it would seriously do nothing. Because then someone in holland or some shit would draw a cartoon that displeases these barbarians and they'd go behead some americans anyway if they could get their hands on them. Or brits, or canadians, or sweds, or whoever they can find. Because they don't fucking care. They're seriously goddamn cave men. Cave man mad. Cave man allah ackbar people. That's what they do. It doesn't matter who does it, probably wouldn't matter if anyone even did anything. Get some chinese dude to stroll around over there all by himself and they're probably saw his head off with a jagged rock if they get the chance and say they did it because he was a filthy infidel or some shit. It doesn't matter. They're monsters.
I disagree with you, they are not that retarded as to not know there enemy. the story is that the US government is always there enemy because it's pro-israeli and any act of murdering poor civilians,to them, is just a hate crime towards the gov because it's nothing personal, They don't hate the citizens..infact just give one of'em the green card with all the promising opportunities and he will be singing your national anthem right beside you in a blink. Ofcourse that goes only for those poor underpayed,undereducated citizens with a very tight horizon, But al qaida troops are always amongest them in assassinations like that and they're byonde repair as you know.

Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
I just turned on CCN. There's either a riot, or a protest that's going sour really fast.

Edit: just came back on. It was a protest, and the government is currently tear gassing them, and shooting rubber bullets.

I'm not sure what's causing it, actually. I caught the end of it, and they keep moving on to Libya.
Nobody can lay a finger on an embassy or anyother public property now that the police is online again after the revolution, I know shit looks real in the news but it's not and let me clarify..
The protesters are nothing but The Ultras teens and some "salafis" (A very extremist islamic party) and that's about it, the rest of us are home between those who watches on agony and those who can't give the slightest fuck anymore.

Oh and the intimidating orange filter you're seeing is caused by the Ultras habit of burning the trash in whatever street they're protisting. It's not like it's a goddamn inferno of rage or anything, just some kids playing with matches.

Non of those riot have any cause, case, reason or land. they never opened a book let alone the Quran, they thinking and pleasing only themselves. If i told you about the lulzy facebook arguments i'v been having lately you'll get what i mean.
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