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Re: US Ambassador in Libya Killed

Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
Freedom of speech exists to protect the people from the force of the government, but the government exists to protect it's people. So when is it time for the government to step in to protect? Where does it begin and where does it end? Any more restrictions on it would be nearly impossible to define in a clear way.

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That's not at all a legal issue, that's what judges are for. They are the ones who will decide wither if it's an offense or just a healthy practice of civil rights.
plus legislators takes in considration everything when making laws since they're abide by the constitution as well as taking traditions and custom laws. so don't worry about your rights, the goverment wont go maverick over some speech restriction

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
But as I said, would that really even solve anything without the entire world getting in on the ban freedom thing? And even if such things were illegal, would that stop people from doing things that piss off the savages? I mean, is arresting a guy after he already pissed them off going to stop them? Are these people going to go "Oh, well, he got in trouble for it. Call off the senseless murdering guys!"? These are the same guys murdering people who had absolutely nothing to do with this little video in any way, remember. What kind of deterrent are you suggesting that would make people way too scared to do something upsetting to the savages? It really doesn't seem like this solution would be...well, much of a solution to anything at all.

It's certainly understandable that people would want to do things to prevent this type of shit. But it's definitely very important to think these things all the way through, especially when it comes at the expense of very important principles like freedom and shit. This is the same type of thing that lead to wire-tapping and other shit after 9/11. Nothing good really came of that stuff either.
Yes, Miburo. knowing that such acts are illegal will put most of them to a relief, problem is that you don't really get them. All those crimes (talking about ones comitted by civilians, terrorist orgnazations have there own agendas) are just to pressure the US government into taking an action against further offenses. If those acts are criminalized most of them will be heading to court instead. And am saying "most of them" because there will always be ones who just hate America and Americans for the heck of it, but taking such a legal step toward the problem will tightin the circle on just those instead of letting them mix within angry mobs who are made about certain offense.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
So what would the punishment be making a film like this? If we're trying to appease the crazy terrorists and murderers, since they're the people we don't want pissed off if the goal is to prevent crazy savages from going apeshit, then we already know exactly what they think the proper punishment is for this kind of shit: Brutal death to the infidels for the glory of Allah!!! Pretty sure anything less than that isn't going to make them terribly happy.
Any punishment that will make someone to stop, think and reconsider will make a defference.

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