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Re: The Dark Knight Returns

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
These two points say it's not "more of a prequel to the Dark Knight Rises". Dent is dead and the universe of the Batman trilogy is grounded in reality where mutants don't exist.
Yes this is based off Frank Millers work. This is not officially a prequel, like a prequel it does give us background that wasn't in the movies about Batman/Bruce Wayne. The movie is stated as ten years later (In the movie after the whole 2 face incident.) In this story Harvey is alive..(as he should of been in the movie.) Introducing a threat like Mutants would not have worked for the silver screen. Esp coming from Joker and Harvey Dent as villains. A different take on the plot is all this is. TDKRises is based heavily off TDKReturns. Many ways this shows us the differences in Nolans and Millers work.

I hated the voice actor for Commissioner Gordon

EDIT: I also liked the animated introduction of Carrie. Is it me or did this remind anyone of the Batman Gotham Knight? There was a scene where batman is driving a tank and beating up bad guys....I swear they took that scene and included it in this movie during the Mutant fight...

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