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Re: The Dark Knight Returns

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
This movie is based solely on Frank Miller's time with DC in writing the Dark Knight Returns arc. It has no ties to The Dark Knight Rises. You confirm that yourself with the "a different take on the plot" bit.

Except The Dark Knight Rises isn't based solely off The Dark Knight Returns. It is also based on Knightfall (Bane's emergence/deduction of Batman's identity/breaking his back) and No Man's Land (Bane isolating Gotham from the world), neither of which Miller was involved with. It's not even "based heavily" off the Dark Knight Returns. So trying to say these two stories show the difference between Nolan and Miller's styles is a moot point, since Nolan wasn't working solely off of Miller's work.

I never said it was based completely off TDKReturns, heavily...IMO yeah, yes it does include other inspirational works. Nolan said himself he used TDKReturns and many other works to help him mold his story. I completely agree with that point as Bane is not involved in that storyline. You can watch the movie and watch this animated movie and easily see the similarities. Anyway lol thanks for the comment homie. As I wanted everyone to just check it out.
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