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Re: Naruto_602

so he did leave his eyes to Nagato. Madara implanted one sole eye to keep its function. He is alive only due to the tree he made using Hashirama's dna. Obito is implanted with Hashi arms n leg. Obito did want to return to Konoah. Madara did make a deal with him to revive him. Obito gets more eyes by participating in the Uchiha massacre. Madara fled underground and became a prisoner of his own beliefs. Not as interesting but at least we are getting some answers. So Madara already created Zetsu or it's form. From the look of it, it seems he is already building the zetsu army. I think Zetsu came second to Obito but his form was already available.

Edit: able to slip away, did Obito awaken his MS during the rock slide onto his body? Madara said he was found in his cave or hideout underground..which means he phased through

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