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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Madara speaks more about the misery of reality and creating a dilute world filled with his ideal utopia. Obito shits his pants and sings "cry me a river" Justin Timberlake. Madara fits Obito ugly bitchy face under a mask. Tells him of his son or idiot Uzumaki named Nagato. Tells Obito to go find the 20 plus year old Nagato. Tell him the plan is still on. Madara asks OBito to focus on his MS and attempts to verbally train the dipshit how to use it. Nagato shows up and pushes Madara into an empty coffin. Obito is now Madara. The pint sized ben n jerry's container tells Nagato I am the big shit now and you must follow me. Zetsu finally wakes up from his slumber, finds that Madara has been switched already and follows Obito down memory lane....well anyway serious prediction coming up.
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