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Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
Btw, I feel Obito's reveal could have turned out much better had Kishi actually fleshed him out more and made his interactions with Kakashi more frequent and actually made Tobi's behaviors allude to something. If it wasn't for the past few chapters, we would have simply thought Tobi didn't give two fucks about Kakashi.
Uh. There were a couple of signs.

Kakashi being the one to notice Tobi's Sharingan. Obito blatantly ignoring Yamato (who captured him in the first place) and completing Kakashi by his full name for his speed. Surely, Madara would have words for the man with Hashirama's cells in his body, no? And let's not forget the whole "That won't work on me" before Kakashi even used Kamui.

Just look at how subtle Kishi handled Itachi's true intentions.
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