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Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
yeah pretty fucking much....which is just down right shitty writing
There are ways to explain why he didnt use it with Aizen, unfortunately since there hasn't been any explanations yeh its shitty writing.

At least with kyorakus we were given something
'you shouldn't use it where everyone can see' now if we ever see it and it turns out to be one that may affect anyone the views it or etc etc it may be understandable why it wasn't used.

With the old man I would say the only way to possibly save the story is if We get someone like the lieutenants or ichigo (if he ever gets there) saying 'hey by the f didn't you use it back then?!'

Possible reasonable reasons are:

1. He's aware that he's under aizens illusion no guarantee it would do anything. Instead would most likely hurt the other captains.

2. This is the affect it has on soul society as a whole. How much more ( or faster) would this affect be on just the piece of soul society that was transported to the real world ( I.e. could have destroyed it instantaneously bringing the town back to the real world) and then what affect would it have have had on the real world?!

We think he could have defeated Aizen and in the fight he got his chance but Aizen wasn't really trying to use his illusions or fight seriously.
Even the espada he created to seal the guys power he let die easily just for an explosion when it would have been a hell of a lot easier for him to beat the old man whilst his flames were sealed.

I think of kubo back tracks and provides some explanations he can salvage some of his writing at least
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