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Re: Naruto_602

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
Kabuto said he revivied Madara in his prime with modification. So how is it not possible that after Madara gave his EMS to Nagato who unlocked the rinnegan. Also I never said Madara has uzumaki dna I said Nagato has uzumaki dna.
you ask how is it possible for Madara to pass on his eyes?,
He says u need both eyes to boost it's potential..he is speaking in terms of stated he unlocked the RG before his death. As Madara states I gave them away.... Tobi went to say he gave the eyes to Nagato (playing the role of Madara.)
As we see here Madara is old as shit...beyond his prime....
Kabuto states he modified his body with Hashi and gave him his RG in a youthful body before he got up in age.

Now to answer your question, he did not solely give away his eyes before he unlocked Madara has shown he had RG before death. Remember he has used these techs in battle thus far....

I understand what you mean by Madara giving his EMS eyes to an Uzumaki for Nagato's bloodline to unlock the RG but i don't see Kishi going that route..
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