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Re: Naruto_602

Nice chapter. Few things I got from it.

1. The Gedo Mazou statute is actually keeping Madara alive by giving him chakra whereas in Nagato's case, it seems to have the opposite effect and was the cause of his skeletal like appearance. Maybe its due to the jutsu Nagato used at the time(9 dragon seals) or it could be that since the eyes originated from Madara himself, it had no crippling effects on him.

2. I said this before that why didn't Izuna simply replace his eyes with some fodder Uchiha sharingan rather than remain blind after Madara took/given his eyes. Madara replacing his eyes with a sharingan proves that it can be done so why didn't Izuna do that?

3. Is there a reason why Madara only had one sharingan after leaving his eyes to 'someone else'?. Why did he take one instead of two and was the reason why he only had one?

4. Again, I knew that kamui played a role in the scarring on Obito's face. Its a pattern in my opinion and perhaps Obito's sharingan acts a bit like Ao's safeguard for his stolen byakugan. Remember, whenever someone even Ao himself tries to destroy the eye, the seals on his ears automatically guard it. Maybe kamui acts the same way and even though at the time the jutsu hadn't activated yet, it still automatically and instinctively reacted to the boulders and rocks falling on it.

5. Nagato wasn't just a random choice for Madara to give his rinnegan to. It almost seems like Madara read a prophecy or something and knew that his eyes will serve his purpose best once it was given to Nagato.

Madara was already planning the MEP and constructing the Zetsu army.

6. Kabuto, Kabuto, you ingenious sick fucker, lol. How did you find Madara's body(he was living underground for godsakes) and manipulate it to the extent that he was revived beyond his prime? Say what you say about him, his skills are almost unrivalled in the manga.

And for all those whinning about the lack of motive on Obito's part and the 'coincidence' of him slipping through to Madara's lair, bare this in mind you fuckers, lol.

Life is full of coincidences, how do you think your father met your mother? Lol, I met my girl by going to a club I've never being to in my life yet it was a 'coincidence' that on that very night, I met the bitch, lool. 8 yrs later, weve being married for 4 yrs. Coincidence or Fate, yes it does happen mate.

As for Obito's motives or lack thereof, EVERYTHING in this world can be broken down to its simplest form. Its about money, power, ideology or all 3. Excluding the psychopaths of this world, all tyrants or rulers are about the same thing, Obito is no different.

The MEP is not about destroying the world like Galactus or Tanus, but it actually brings peace to the world in a sick twisted sort of way. Why wouldn't a young and impressionable Obito become a supporter of such an ideology when the only thing he really loved has become the latest victim of this endless cycle of war?
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