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Re: Naruto_602

Forgot to add this, I don't think.Obito's kamui is purely an Ms technique. By that I mean, the eye that Kakashi has, turns into Ms when kamui is activated but in Obito's remaining eye, it can actually be performed by his sharingan. Kinda like Shisui's Ms is koto but the eye Danzo had, could also do a weaker version of koto with just a basic sharingan.

Kakashi's kamui is far more deadly offensively than Obito's which requires touch. Maybe its a weaker version of kamui but Obito turned it into an advantage. Just an opinion.

@num: I know you expected and wanted some in depth complex reasoning why Obito became Tobi but it doesn't have to be that complicated. Personally, I would have liked more complexities and even Shisui or Izuna to be Tobi but shit happens man.

Also, the MEP isn't as retarded as you seem to think it is. It brings peace to a world of chaos. If you was Obito and desired peace, this plan wouldn't seem as retarded as your tirade suggests. Its not like in this chapter, Obito has already being convinced of it either so why don't you relax a bit and see what else happened that brought Obito on board

As for the Nagato reference, its just an opinion and NOT an argument form ignorance. I'm not saying it as a fact, just that it MIGHT be true, that's all. Lol, aint forums designed to debate and speculate on things?

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