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Re: Naruto_602

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
But this plan does not fit Obito as far as we know, unlike what you're suggesting. So it's not by you giving poor excuses that somehow it'll fix everything up. Of course I'll wait to see the full extent of the Tobi=Obito explanation, but please do not ask me to make leaps of faith.

No, it's speculation based on argument from ignorance. You don't know there's such prophecy as we don't know, why invent it?

One thing is to debate and discuss, another is to pull things out of your ass and expect people to agree on them.
1. People change man, as you well know. A rape abused victim can grow up and become an abuser himself. A seemingly good guy can turn into a monster in a matter of months/years. The fact that MEP is not something Obito would oridnarily adhere to, does not make it outlandish that his philosophy can change. Madara manipulated him and we will see how.

2. Ok man, I'm not gonna argue this because you've already made up your mind so lets move on shall we.

3. How you reached the conclusion that I want ppl to agree with me is beyond me. I didn't label it as a fact because it isn't a fact and I posted my THOUGHTS on a forum where other members will form an opinion on. So by all means, criticse it, laugh at it or comment on it because that is what we do on forums. Lol, is that ok with you?

Btw, if that was meant for Kishi and not me, please accept my apologies.
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