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Re: Naruto_602

Found it. Ah, reliving the past is fun:
Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Let's stay on topic. I happen to have inside information on how the Rinnegan was given to Nagato. Gather round, and I'll tell you the story.

Scene - at a home in the rain country, a mother and father sit on the porch with their newborn son, who is crying. (Because it's Naruto... someone needs to cry.)
Mother: My, he is a strong one.
Father: Haha... with lungs like that, he'll be a great ninja one day, without a doubt.
Mother: Oh, I don't want that kind of life. Couldn't he be a lawyer or doctor or something useful that doesn't involve violence? I don't want him living the life you led.
Father: I know. It is a tough life. But it is in his blood.
Mother: Please. Give him a better life. A life of peace.
Father: Maybe your right... (lifts his son into his arms) Maybe he does deserve different.
Tobi appears: OH! Hello.
Mother and Father start: AH! Who are you?
Tobi: Nobody in particular. Just passing through the country. Lovely rain you have.
Father, suspiciously: what's with that mask?
Mother: Oh! Are you a mime?! One of those traveling entertainers?!
Tobi: I --- nn... uh... YEAH! I AM a mime.
Father: Then how come you are talking to us?
Tobi: I'm a talking mime. It is a new fad.
Father: hmmmm
Mother: Oooooo... we don't get many fads out there. Quick, do a magic trick.
Tobi: But, I thought I was a mime.
Mother: oh... right... you do the, uh...
Father: Miming.
Tobi: Right. (pretends he is in a box)
Mother, clapping: Oh, that is very good.
Father, facepalm.
Tobi: My. That is a lovely child you have. What is his name?
Mother: Nagato. He is our pride and joy.
Tobi: May I see him?
Father: O-K... but be careful.
Tobi: I shall handle him with all the care in the world. I won't even put an explosive tag on him.
Father/Mother: WHAT?!
Tobi: Uh... city humour. All the rage. (Tobi turns around.)
Father: What are you doing!?
Tobi: Oh... nothing <pop-pop... pop-pop> Here's your son back. Good as new.
Father: What was that popping noise? (staring at his son, then at Tobi)
Tobi: errr... bad back. Gotta run now. Don't forget to die terribly.
Father: What?
Tobi: Byyyy-eeeeeee... (disappears)
Mother: What a strange mime.

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