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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Tobito: I don't care that you're Madara. I have to get back to Konoha and protect Rin! Nothing you can say will stop me!
Madara: Would you like a piece of candy.........young Uchiha?
Tobito: Candy? Yummy, yummy candy.
Madara: I need you........young Uchiha. To help me rid this world of pain, and suffering, and all the tortures of life.
Tobito: Why do you need me?
Madara: Bitch I've got magic tree branches of life sticking out of my spine.
Tobito: Yeah. I was going to ask about that, but I didn't want to be rude.
Madara: Anyways, oh by the way, do you know a guy from Konoha named Orochimaru? We were members of a group of adult men who like to spend time with, ahem, younger ninjas. To be their, ahem, mentors. He was suppose to bring me the minutes from the last meeting but he hasn't been around.
Tobito: "shrugs"
Madara: Pity. Anyways, I need you to take on my persona. You must be Madara. And then we can begin my plan to bring about an end to pain and suffering and struggle.
Tobito: But, isn't a person defined by their struggles? You became known as the greatest Uchiha because of your constant fights with the First Hokage. Without pain and suffering mixed in, you would never have become who you are. A ninja of legends. A man who helped bring together two warring clans under the banner of peace. Without your pain and our struggles who knows what would have happened.
Madara: Do you want the candy or not you little shit?
Tobito: Yes sir.
Madara: Okay then. I need you to go to Konoha, grow a foot, find a teenage boy named Itachi, don't ask how I know, slaughter all the Uchihas, gather their eyes. Then, fight the 4th Hokage, there will be a fourth one when you get back and he will be Minato. Don't ask. Steal the 9 tails from his wife. Make sure he doesn't recognize who you are. And bring the 9 tails to me. If you fail at that, the 9 tails will probably be implanted into a young baby, he will be far to powerful for you to handle. So, instead, I will need you to gather a group of insanely strong ninjas, wait about 12 years before you start doing anything significant. Take over the Hidden Rain village. Build a giant moving statue with 9 eyes. Go around the country killing and collecting the other tailed beasts, all the while forgetting everyone you knew from Konoha and act like a complete retard. Only after the 9 tails grow up into an extremely powerful teenager and I'm dead, will you go after the 9 tails. Oh, and speaking of my death. I willl need you to go find the kid with my other magic eyeballs and bring me back to life.
Tobito: Are you fucking high?
Madara No, just evil. And I have copping issues. The Uchiha's were mean to me once and I just can't seem to move on.
Tobito: I won't do it.
Madara: Candy.
Tobito: Well, okay.
Madara: Now about those "lower parts" you mentioned earlier. I'm not getting any younger.........young Uchiha.

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