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Re: Naruto_602

I'm still trynta figure out where the black zetsu came from. Maybe I missed it... It seems like the same thing obito did to sasuke after the itachi fight was the same as what madara did to obito...sasukes just used obito IMO.

Im a lil confused maybe someone cn help me. So, madara barely escaped the battle with the 1st. Ran underground and began to use the cells he got frm the 1st to create what exactly? The gm statue or the flower it sits on? Or zetsu?

Made a life support system for himself but because of this he cannot leave his lair. He had the ems and somehow realized he could create the rinnigan. I'm nt sure when he gave those eyes to nagato, before or after he hooked himself up to the life support. Just my thoughts but he could have used zetsu to find nagato and implant the eyes...shit the konoha ninja that killed his parents could have been zetsu clones.

So at this point when madara is talking to obito he already knew what hashi cells could do AND he had the rinnigan in the works? Crazy... So I'm thinking the black/white zetsu was a failed attempt by madara to creat the rinnigan himself.
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