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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Demi-God View Post
Baron is a chef and went/goes to school for cooking, he may possibly know a thing or two about cooking.

And some people work for it, some people pick it up pretty easy and then it's just a matter of learning recipes and then figuring out what works well together and being able to create your own.

I've perfected the art of instant noodles. Then I went on to create my own masterpiece of instant noodles with sausages on the side.
I see never really thought of it that way, thank you for the wisdom. Also that really sounds tasty <3

Originally Posted by TheBaron View Post
You are taking this as a motherfucking HUGE compliment. To me, not a lot of things make me happier, than when people interest and engage themselves in what they put in their mouths to survive (NO PENIS JOKES HERE MIBS!) and to what food is in general. My above statement was my opinion on how awesome I think it is that you are doing culinary - having said this, feel free to ask me anything, should you need to. It seems I know quite a lot more, than I thought I did. (I am taking a 12-week course on how to run a restaurant as a business, and I passed my "calculations exam" with an A - and I suck at these kinds of math. "Calculations" is the term, for when you have a dish, and you need to figure out how much you need to charge for said dish. This includes not only the ingredients taken into consideration, but also the wages for waiter, electricity, rent, chef's wage, bla-bla-bla - and in the end, how much you will earn from this dish. Advanced stuff :P)
Then I apologize for assuming. I'll keep it in mind when I need some critique or advice on the matter. Thank for the compliment Chef.
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