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Re: Naruto_602

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
1. People change man, as you well know. A rape abused victim can grow up and become an abuser himself. A seemingly good guy can turn into a monster in a matter of months/years. The fact that MEP is not something Obito would oridnarily adhere to, does not make it outlandish that his philosophy can change. Madara manipulated him and we will see how.
I know Madara has to manipulate him somehow, but it's not by accentuating what happened to him that'll logically work. You mention rape victims becoming rapers, that's a projection issue that does not fit Obito becoming Obito. If that was the case, he'd go for Kakashi, since he was the one who he had to save and then get the boulders on top of him, but nope, only 300+ chapters after the fact there's actually any interaction between the two.

But on the manipulation itself, we're coming from two opposing sides. You're hoping the manipulation satisfies the plot, I'm deducing it'll not considering Kishimoto's latest writing. So of course we won't agree on that as of now.

2. Ok man, I'm not gonna argue this because you've already made up your mind so lets move on shall we.
Made up my mind? If you're basing your argument on an unknown (in this case, the prophecy), it's argument from ignorance. No ifs or buts, it's basic logic.

3. How you reached the conclusion that I want ppl to agree with me is beyond me. I didn't label it as a fact because it isn't a fact and I posted my THOUGHTS on a forum where other members will form an opinion on. So by all means, criticse it, laugh at it or comment on it because that is what we do on forums. Lol, is that ok with you?
When someone presents an explanation, no matter what that someone wants to get from it, it is to try to convince others that something that doesn't seem to make sense and now you made sense out of it, and people will agree or not with it. I do not because you invented something to make sense out of it, which to me makes no sense. You can express your thoughts all you want, but you don't need to make stuff up in order to make it work. The manga has plenty of facts to use, if you don't find any satisfactory to your argument, simply say "I don't know".

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
he said that he gained the rinnegan shortly beforehe died... this changes nothing. as you can see he is alive and judging that this wasn't that long ago obviously Nagato activated the Rinnegan.
@ bolded: It was 18 years after Nagato activated the Rinnegan.

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
No matter how many times you keep saying that, it isn't going to start being true. You merely had difficulty acknowledging them because of this:

Originally Posted by The Special One
Even I, yes, one of the biggest damn critics of Tobi being Obito
The hints were ALWAYS there.
As there were clues (and some much stronger), for Madara's clone, Izuna, you name it. So trying to call TSO biased is hilariously ironic, since you're either under hindsight bias or you were biased towards Tobi=Obito that you weren't considering the plot wasn't using its hints consistently.
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