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Re: Naruto_602

@num: you are ranting again and making no sense. I posted my thoughts and opinions and I clearly said so in my post so what did I make up? If by saying 'I wonder... Or maybe... Or in my opinion... you consider that as making stuff up, then I'm guilty as charged. Its not like I said what I'm posting is canon facts and that I am right because of xyz. I posted my opinion, like everyone else on this forum and presented what I thought was supporting evidence for it. If you found what I said to be silly or making no sense, that's cool but please don't accuse me of making stuff up. Lol, or at least show me what I allegedly made up.

Lol, kettle meet your friend pot. If like you said, my post was to convince people that I was right because all post are inherently designed that way, then by extension, YOUR post is trying to do the same, correct?

So what's the point of even making that reference?

This isn't solely directed to you but it seems some people have a problem with other peoples opinions and thoughts. Its like we should all think the same and bash Kishi for his supposed shitty story telling. Its about sharing ideas here man, and when you make a valid criticism of my post, I actually appreciate it because you have taught me something. But telling me I'm trying to impose my views on others couldn't be further from the truth.

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