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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Chapter eight: Rise and Fall.

*The scene shows the Heavens. A portal it's opened and through it six men appear. Vishnu is held by Aphrodite and Yama, while Gabriel is held by Kalkin and Agni. Instantly Michael and Shiva lands before them.

Michael: What?!? What happend?!?
Yama: Uchiha Sasuke. He attacked us. He didn't let us get to the traitors. Vishnu and Gabriel fought him, but they were both easily defeated.*
Michael shocked: Quickly! Take them to the healers.*
Shiva: How was this possible...
Michael: I don't seems that Sasuke is much more powerful than us.*
Shiva: It can't be. We got to find a way around him.He is quite a threat.
Michael: Indeed. Let's hurry back to Brahma. We will report there.

The panel shows the Archangel's council room. Gabriel has cloth wrapped around his forehead, while Vishnu has his upper body and right arm wrapped in cloth.*

Brahma: Tell me, what happend.
Vishnu: Well, we rushed searching for the traitors. And that's when we encountered Sasuke. He didn't let us pass, so we had to fight him.
Brahma: Who fought him?
Gabriel: Me and Vishnu.*
Shiva: But why didn't you let the whole team help you?
Gabriel: Are you stupid? He took out two archangels without sweating. The rest wouldn't stand a chance aganist that guy.
Brahma: And what happend?
Vishnu: We fought him, but he managed to overcome every attack. Not even my Divine Breaking managed to put *a scratch on him.
Brahma: Well, these are troublesome news...dammit...what should we do?
Michael: I think that we should focus on protecting the Heavens for now. With Sasuke roaming free on Earth, we stand no chance at beating him.
Suddenly a hologram projects in the middle of the room, showing Kubera.*
Kubera: Hello my former comrades.*
Brahma grins: Kubera...
Kubera: I'm here to give you a warning. You have two days to surrounder yourselves to me. Otherwise i will attack the Heavens.
Brahma: And you think that you can win? That you can defeat all of us?
Kubera: Well, i'm not alone. I have my four friends with me.
Yama: I don't understand something Kubera. Why did you sent me to spy on them, if you were determined to join them?
Kubera: I told you that you were going to spy. Actually you were gathering intel for me. About them. So i could join them.*
Vishnu: Kubera, the five of you cannot defeat us.
Kubera: Well...that was before.
Shiva: Before what?
Kubera: Before Lucifer granted us power! Two days...Brahma...two days.*
The hologram vanishes leaving everyone confused.
Brahma: Lucifer...gave them power?!?But how? Our Father stripped him of his own powers!
Shiva: My guess is that Lucifer got acces to Hell. That way, he can manipulate the power that resides there.
Michael: And if he infused those five with that power...
Raphael: We truly are in trouble.
Brahma: We need to move. And fast. Michael, are the preparations ready?
Michael: Yes, Brahma. The Heaven is ready for a siege. We are prepared to stop everything that would come at us.
Gabriel: There is a problem. If Lucifer gave them power, and Sasuke didn't let us to get to them, it means that Lucifer made contact with them and Sasuke.
Vishnu: And it means that they are allied...
Shiva: we have to consider that bastard too?*
Gabriel: Or, he could not involve himself in this attack. I think that he is simply orchestrating the events without taking part in the battles.
Vishnu: It's a possibility.*
Brahma: It doesn't matter. We have to be ready! Now, if they attack us, i will deal with Kubera. Vishnu you will fight your friend, Livontes. Shiva you will deal with Narasimha. Nirriti will fight with Michael. And Gabriel will fight Quintrix.*
Vishnu: And what if Sasuke appears?
Brahma: The rest of the Archangel order will fight him, alongside the rest of the angels. Now...everyone...get at your spots!!!

The scene it's switched. Two days have passed.The Havens are in turmoil. At the front gates a small group is waiting. The panel shows Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Shiva.*

Michael: They will be here soon.
Gabriel: Is everything ready?
Raphael: Vishnu is with Kubera inside the Council Room. The minor angels were put to safety. Every warrior that we have is under Yama's command. He is waiting in the Gardens with an army. If, those five defeat us, Yama is ready to encounter them. If they beat Yama and our small angel army, the only ones left to stop them are Vishnu and Brahma.
Shiva: Brahma cannot defeat Kubera. It's a fact. And we all know it.
Gabriel: Still, Vishnu is also there.*
Michael: That much fate you have in that child, Gabriel?
Gabriel: He has something...something that makes me trust him. He can handle himself.*
Michael: I noticed that. But he lacks experience.
Gabriel: It's true that his powers are not yet formed, and it's true that he still has much to learn...but...his determination will allow him to have the victory.
Suddenly the four Archangels turn their faces towards the gates. A portal appears and five men come out. All five dressed entirely in black. All five with a menacing aura surrounding them.
Michael: Nirriti...
Gabriel: Livontes...
Shiva: Quintrix...
Raphael: Narasimha...
Kubera is shown smiling.
Kubera: Hello, Archangels. Are you ready to give up?
Michael: Kubera. You betrayed the Heavens. Our Father. The Archangel order. The Creation. You will be punished.
Kubera: You are a stupid fool, Michael.
Michael: What do you mean?
Kubera: I am no longer limited to the coffins that our Father placed upon us. I have powers beyond your imagination!
Livontes: Actually...we all have...
Michael: Then show us! Here and now! We have nothing to talk about!*
Instantly Michael dashes towards Kubera but his path is blocked by Nirriti. The two start a sword fight. Michael is shown having the upper hand. He manages to land a couple of cuts on Nirriti. The angel grins with anger and releases dark energy from him body.
Nirriti: Black energy blade!!!
His blade turns into black energy. Michael tries to slash him, but Nirriti only touches the Archangel's blade, with his blade. And Michael gets throwed several meters away.
Raphael engages Narasimha into taijutsu. They are fighting on equal grounds. But slowly, Narasimha gets several punches from Raphael. Narasimha starts bleeding and smiles.
Raphael: What's so funny?
Narasimha: Fool.
Instantly Narasimha appears behind Raphael and punches him in the shoulder. The hit was so powerful that it simply vaporized the Archangel's bones in the shoulder. Raphael falls on his knees.
Shiva is fighting Quintrix. The Archangel is wielding his staff, while Quintrix is holding a sword. They are clashing at a very high speed. At a certain moment, Shiva points his staff at Quintrix and releases a chaos beam. But Quintrix simply vanishes from the Archangel's sight.*
Shiva: What the...!?!
At the same moment he coughs a lot of blood and turns his head. He spots Quintrix right behind him. A blade runs through the Archangel's chest. Shiva falls to his knees.
Shiva: Bastard...
Gabriel is looking at Livontes.
Gabriel: You have fallen Livontes. And you used to be such a nice kid.
Livontes: Those time are over, Gabriel. I'm sorry. If you don't step aside, i will kill you.
Gabriel: Big words. You think you can handle an Archangel, boy?
Livontes: Try me.
Gabriel jumps several meters behind and claps his palms.
Gabriel shouts: Light release! Soul projection shielding!!!
An orange shield appears around Gabriel.
Gabriel: With cannot touch me. It's my perfect defence.*
In the blink of an eye Livontes appears exactly in front of Gabriel and barely touches with his finger the shield. Gabriel's shield simply shatters like glass. The Archangel makes a couple of steps behind shocked.
Livontes: You see...Gabriel...the gap between our's to great. I'm sorry...Demonic release!!! Explosive burst!!!
He releases a quick beam from his finger that hits Gabriel right in the chest, projecting the Archangel several kilometers away.
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