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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene shows Vishnu. He managed to get up. He cleans his face with some water. At the same moment Nirriti and Narasimha enters the door.

Vishnu turns around and looks at them.
Nirriti: Hello Vishnu. We are here to eliminate you.
Vishnu thinks: Father said that it's inside me...the power...i guess that i have to trust myself...
Nirriti releases a purple beam at Vishnu. Vishnu tries to repel it, but the beam hits him at full force, throwing him several meters away.*
Narasimha: Pathetic. I will end him.
Narasimha comes closer to Vishnu and takes out his sword. He aims it at Vishnu's neck and slashes. A metal hitting a metal sound is heard. The scene shows Sasuke. He blocked Narasimha's blade with his own sword.
Vishnu shocked: Sasuke?!?
Sasuke smiles: I told you that i won't let you die.*
Sasuke pushes back Narasimha and looks into his eyes.
Sasuke: Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Tsukuyomi!!
Narasimha falls on the ground uncouncious.*
Nirriti tries to run away but Sasuke appears behind him, and strikes him with a quick Chidori. Then he grabs him by the collar and forces Nirriti to look into his eyes.
Sasuke:*Spiralling Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Tsukuyomi!!
Nirriti also falls to the ground uncouncious.*
Vishnu: Why are you doing this? I'm confused! First, you save me and train me, then you beat the shit out of me, and after, you save me again. What should i understand from this?!?
Sasuke smiles: That the world is a lie. Listen carefully Vishnu. Livontes is going to kill Aphrodite. Just for fun. The powers that he received changed him. A lot.*
Vishnu screams: Then why did you allowed him to have those powers in the first place?!?
Sasuke: Because it is how it should be. At a certain point in time, you will realise the truth. In the meantime, you need to understand something. Before you can must fall.*
Vishnu: Before i can rise, i must fall?!? What is the meaning of this?!?
Sasuke: Go and save Aphrodite. That's all that i have to say for now. Farewell.
Sasuke vanishes in a burst of black flames.

The scene shows Livontes, Quintrix and Kubera.

Livontes: Until those two return...i have somehing that i must do. On my own.*
Kubera: Don't go too far.
Livontes: Don't worry, i won't.
Livontes starts dashing as he is searching for a certain angel. Soon he finds her. Near the Gardens. Alone. He lands exactly behind her.
Aphrodite turns around only to receive a punch in the chest. She gets throwed several meters behind.
Livontes smiles menacing: Hello whore. I'm here to kill you.*
Aphrodite shocked manages only to say: Vishnu...
Livontes: Vishnu? He is in the Archangel's council room. Crying. Drenched in his own piss and blood and sweat. After the beating and the humiliation that he received , it's natural. He proved to be the opposite of what everyone thought of him. He is just a coward.*
Aphrodite screams: No he is not!!!
Suddenly Livontes appears exactly next to her and presses his hand over her mouth.
Livontes: Yes he is my dear. And now, you are going to die. I'm sick of you, whore. Since the day that he saved you from those dragons, since that day he started to get away from me. You...are dead...
Livontes forms a black energy sword in his hand and strikes. But the black energy sword is blocked by an orange energy shield. Livontes looks at his left, from where he shield was projected and spots Gabriel.*
Gabriel: I'm not that easy to kill, Livontes!
Livontes smiles: You think so.
Livontes makes a step back and gathers black energy in his hands.
Livontes shouts: Demonic release! Punishment!!!
Suddenly around Gabriel's body several black spheres appear. Gabriel surrounds himself with his light release shield, and tries to cut the spheres with a light blade. But as soon as the light blade touches the spheres, the sword vanishes.
Livontes smiles: Light release won't work on these. Goodbye Gabriel.
Suddenly the spheres explode, leaving a very injured Gabriel on the ground.
Livontes turns his head and looks at Aphrodite.
Livontes: You are a sensor of the angels powers and a healer. You have good abilities. But your abilities are nothing compared with mine.
Aphrodite: Why are you doing this?!? Why?!?
Livontes: Because i want to do it. Because i despise you. And everything that resides in Heaven. I despise this life.And because with your death, i will give Vishnu a much worse hit than if i would kill him. So...farewell...whore...
Livontes thrusts his hand into Aphrodite's stomach. She coughs a lot of blood as she falls on her knees. Livontes looks at her as she fades away

The scene shows Kubera and Quintrix waiting for their comrades return. Suddenly Sasuke lands in front of them. He throws on the ground the uncouncious bodies of Narasimha and Nirriti.

Sasuke: Get out of here. Now.*
Kubera: What is the meaning of this Sasuke?!? I don't understand!
Sasuke: There is nothing for you to understand. If you don't leave this place now, you will die in Heavens. That's all.
Quintrix: What about Livontes? Are we supposed to leave him behind?
Livontes's voice is heard.
Livontes: Here i am. What's going on?
Sasuke: Leave the Heaven now! Go back to Earth and start the slaughter. Establish yourselves as leaders. I will come there as soon as i can.
Livontes: Got it! Let's go everyone!
Kubera opens a small portal and the five of them vanish.
Sasuke thinking: Good. Now that they have defeated the Heavens,my mission here was accomplished. Vishnu is on the right path now. With Aphrodite dead, he will have to make that choice. There is no other way.*

The panel shows Vishnu. He is dashing at an incredible speed towards Aphrodite's last known location. As soon as he reaches the place, the image that he sees shocks him. Vishnu lands on the ground, where Gabriel is trying to heal Aphrodite. Gabriel himself is in a bad shape, with injuries all over her body.

Vishnu barely speaking: Gabriel?!? What happend?
Gabriel: Livontes happend. I'm trying to save her right now!
Vishnu: Can you do it?!?
Suddenly Gabriel nearly passes out because of the exhaustion.*
Gabriel: I'm sorry Vishnu...i...i...canoot do anything for her...she lost too much blood...and...she died...
At that moment, Vishnu eyes goes white as he passes away.*

The panel shows Vishnu in a white room. The Creator's voice is heard.

The Creator: What is it my son?
Vishnu: What do you want from me?*
The Creator: What do i want from you? You're the one who came here.
Vishnu with a determined look on his face: What do you want from me, to save Aphrodite? I will give you everything i have. You want me to fight your enemies? I will do it. You want me to kill them? I will do it. You want my life in exchange for her? You have it.
The Creator: I will ressurect her. In shall became my shield.*
Vishnu: I will be whatever you want me to be. But save her.
The Creator: In order to be whatever i want you to be, you must let go of your mercy. And of your fears.
Vishnu: That will happen in time.*
The Creator: A good answer. Goodbye my son!

The scene shows the Heavens. Vishnu slowly wakes up and spots Gabriel. The Archangel tried to wake him up for minutes.

Gabriel: Vishnu!?! Are you ok?
Vishnu: Yeah, i'm fine...
Gabriel: I thouht that something happend to you too! You passed out for a couple of minutes.
Vishnu: Yeah i know. Stand aside Gabriel.
Gabriel: What do you mean?
Vishnu gets up and whispers: Raigan...
Instantly a beam of light erupts from his body. The beam hits Aphrodite directly. As Gabriel is looking at her he can see how her wounds are slowly closing.*
Gabriel thinking: What the?!?
Vishnu starts reciting an incantation: From the might of the light, in the darkest night, the evill shall shatter before my eyes, and the Earth will bring the demonic's demise! God's power revive!!!
As Vishnu ends the incantation, Aphrodite's body starts glowing white and she starts floating. Suddenky a burst of light is seen and she falls on the ground. Aphrodite slowly opens her eyes and thenfirst face that she sees is Vishnu's.
Aphrodite: Vishnu..
Vishnu embraces her.
Gabriel thinking: What just happend?!? The kid ressurected her! She was dead! Where did he get such power?!?
Vishnu gets up and looks at Gabriel.
Vishnu: Gather everyone. Tell them to heal their wounds.*
Gabriel: What happend Vishnu?!? How did you saved her?!?
Vishnu smiles menacing: Before you must fall...
Gabriel: I don't understand...
Vishnu: You must understand this...from this moment...i have a reason to fight. From this moment, i will destroy the evil from it's roots. From this moment, i will stand up. From this moment, they will know and they will fear my name. Because i'm the Archangel Vishnu!

The end.

I'm waiting for your opinions. As i said, there are two more chapters and the prequel it's over. The saga will come to an end. Thanks everyone for keep reading my stuff for an entire year already.
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