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Originally Posted by Amuro View Post
Man honestly, I stopped caring a min ago. Like some chaps are good/ok some are pointless to me. I jus read every wed to see what happens. I really have a blank feeling for this manga. I don't expect anything....which never leaves me disappointed. Like this chap I read in like 7 mins....closed my browser and continued with me it's like "oh yea it's wednesday....lemme check naruto" im not excited to see what happens next unless it's a cliff hanger. I admit I DO wonder where kishis going with this but sometimes fanfic predictions are better than what kish presents. This has already been said but imma repeat it...prt 1 was ill to me. That's when the ninjas were like "haha! you didn't realize when I did this....I really did set this I gotchu!" now it's just "haha! this does's impenetrable! What! It's not!?" but it's predictable. Naruto used to make me think (maybe I'm slow lol) but the thought some Justus took was crazy or shocking. Now it's like big move is beat by bigger move. Instead of well thought plan was beat by a better thought out plan...
Welcome to the club, mate. Most of us have been there for quite a while.
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