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Re: The Age problem ?

I'm a funny person. I agree that Kishi fcked up and I agree that homer and kish can't b compared. I understand people are human and make mistakes. Idk how to put it but mistakes arent excusable but they are forgivable. If kish planned pt 1 & 2 frm the beginning, then I say he slipped up....he should know better. I was under the impression (correct me if im wrong) that Kishi didnt plan on making this manga this long to begin he prolly (actually he did) pull shit out his ass to stretch the story. Does that make it ok? No. It should b pointed out but to ME....I cn let him pass. Idk y but it's not serious to ME. Ages...ok. I haven't looked into it myself but if ages were stated n pt 1, and here we are w/tobi and obito, imma assume (prolly shouldn't) that kish b.s'd and did wat he thought would b cool (evn if it's not cool it's his manga. Like if I made something imma do wat I think is best n cool fr me) not excusing his fck ups....but
Lke I said, if it wasn't planned to b this lng I let it slide...but future Kishi mangas can't have that or I'd label him a "wack" author. I kno mst ppl dnt agree with me but that's hw I feel...
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