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Re: Naruto_602

Originally Posted by stubborn_d0nkey View Post
It seems peoples have a problem distinguishing between properties of a thought or opinion and the stuff that supports the opinion or thought. (Disregarding a debate on whether opinions/thoughts should be protected by "its my opinion", but assuming so) "Its an opinion" doesn't cover the supporting stuff.

If the supporting stuff is intelligent or stupid or made up or illogical then it is intelligent or stupid or made up or illogical. Whether it is there to support an opinion or to support a claim of fact makes no difference.
Man stay off that damn hay you Stubborn Donkey, and stop talking shit. If you agree with Num's statement then why don't you show me what I made up or invented to support my opinion. Go on, show me instead of trying to sound all philosophical and shit, and STRUGGLING at it.

@Gam: again, I fail to see any point that you're making so srop making them and just ignore my post if it lacks intergrity.

God I wish someone will use logic to evaluate a post and tell he/she why their assumptions are wrong, instead of this nonsensical bs you posted to me.
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