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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Sure thing:

There's no indication of a prophecy directly targeting Nagato (the closest thing was the Frog Sage's Child of Prophecy, but even he didn't specify any names and told only to Jiraiya as far as we know), thus it being an argument from ignorance. Sorry to break it to you, but its basic logic, it's not by labeling it your opinion that it'll suddenly not be an argument from ignorance. You see, I'm not against anyone expressing their opinions, since freedom of speech reigns high in this forum and rightfully so, now don't expect people to simply let slide a fallacy like that.

Because, unlike you, I don't deny I try to convince people when presenting explanations because if I didn't, explanations would be futile. What's the point of providing an explanation in a forum if it isn't to tell people what you think it's logically viable, thus making them agree or not with your explanation? You might not try to convince people directly, but by providing explanations you're already doing it. It's the nature of the argumentative game.

Nobody is trying to homogenize the opinions, since that's a futile attempt anyway. One can enjoy Naruto all s/he wants, the problem is when people try to justify some of Kishimoto's... less stellar moments with (very) weak arguments, and people here just counter them with more solid arguments. You don't need to go apologetics on Kishi's writing, sometimes is just better to acknowledge its flaws and either like it, dislike it or simply ignore it.
1) Thanks for providing an example. First, my sentence begins with 'it almost seem's..' which clearly shows that I am not stating a fact but rather, an opinion which in my mind, is more or less credible. Now you bring up this argument from ignorance rhetric which you are so fond of using. So let's examine if it is indeed an argument from ignorance or an assumption based on facts.

The rinnegan has held mythlogical status until Jiraiya confirmed it to be true. Even though the Sage was thought of as a myth, his treasures were held by the Kumo and other people had heard of his legend. The Uchiha Tablet has secrets etched on it that we are only giving snippets of. It is said that only the rinnegan can truly decipher it and the manga never indidcated that Nagato was aware of its existence. Madara too, it seem's never read the tablet unless he sneaked up into Konoha after awakening his rinnegan. this is still a possibility and the 'Madara' that met Itachi, had sneaked into the shrine to do that very same thing.

Now why did I bore you with all this, well its quite simple. Prophecies, has a motif throughout this manga. Characters like Minato, Jirayai, Elder Sage etc have all made prophetic statements that have come true. The Sage himself told the tailed beast about what would happen to them in the distant future and that one day they would be re-united. So if I WONDER based on all the prophetic theme's in Naruto and question that the apparrent randomness of Madara giving his most prized possession, his eyes, to a stranger like Nagato, must have some underlying meaning or prohecy behind it, it is NOT an argument from ignorance. It is an assumption based on facts and common sense.

Must everything be spelt out to us the reader before we believe it? So its is wrong to make assumptions and predict what one thinks has being happening because you guys will use that tired on bs logic of argument from ignorance?

Let me ask you a question Num. Do you think Madara just randomly chose an Uzamaki called Nagato to have his eyes or do you think Nagato was special in some way, hence why he chose him?

2) Ok well we dont have similar motives then. Me, I post my thoughts on this forum to see if I'm right or not. If people think I'm wrong, I actually appreciate when they articulate why I'm talking shit. If you noticed, I only ever get aggressive and start flaming when people approach me in rude manner or simply dismiss my post without stating why it is bs. You, I respect you because you tell me why I'm talking shit and I don't think you can accuse me of insisting I am right all the time.

You can try and convince people to agree with you, but don't take it personal when they don't. Me, it means nothing whether you agree with me or not. I just want an interesting debate so that maybe we get a heads up on what Kishi is going to go next with his story.

3) Its like this, some of us like Kishi's writing and others don't. On this forum in particular, the 'regulars' are constantly moaning about the lack of depth of his writing and plot holes etc. The second others who are ok with the storyline, says otherwise, you guys get upset and dismiss that person for lacking knowledge or being easily pleased. You don't realise this because like many others on this forum, you cannot see the wood for the trees.

@Gam: Helloooo, I put 'lol' after I bashed these people. You call that lil line bashing? What else did I say? Get yourself a dictionary, then re read the last few discussion threads and see how much I have 'bashed' these people.

@Stubborn Donkey: still eating hay I see. Why make a comment when you haven't even bothered to read what this whole debate/argument is about in the first place?

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