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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Originally Posted by narutorikudoumode View Post
i think i know how obito got so strong i'm pretty sure madara gave obito his right eye though its a spare eye madara was able to get it to the three tomoes or he took obito eye and unlocked the ms
no! Simply hell no!...nope!

Sorry to elaborate on the no but madara gave his eyes to nagato...this has been confirmed three times now......

Obito got his eye(s) from the uchiha masscare, we know this because of how danzo acquired his own 10 eyes. He has kept his kamui eye and has been replacing the other with spares..remember inzanagi? Remember when he took the eyes of nagato's...remember what tobi says to kabuto....."you got a nice pair of eyes"-kabuto and tobi-"they were my eyes to begin with."

madara gave eyes to nagato
obito took eyes from nagato
madara is brought back with his own eyes
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