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Re: Naruto_602

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
1) Thanks for providing an example. First, my sentence begins with 'it almost seem's..' which clearly shows that I am not stating a fact but rather, an opinion which in my mind, is more or less credible.
Considering that doesn't change anything, I don't see why you're clinging to semantics.

Now you bring up this argument from ignorance rhetric which you are so fond of using. So let's examine if it is indeed an argument from ignorance or an assumption based on facts.
I don't even have to read the wall of text to know you're coming from a misguided side. How the hell you fabricate a prophecy and say it's an "assumption based on facts"? Sorry, that'd only be true if there was any indication of a prophecy that Madara knew about. There isn't. You can draw all the parallels you want, but unless you provide evidence of a prophecy there's no logical leeway to assume one without using an argument from ignorance.

(...)Now why did I bore you with all this, well its quite simple. Prophecies, has a motif throughout this manga. Characters like Minato, Jirayai, Elder Sage etc have all made prophetic statements that have come true.
WRONG. You're confusing foreshadowing with prophecy. They're entirely different concepts. The manga has only one prophecy, the one that announced the Child of Prophecy.

So if I WONDER based on all the prophetic theme's in Naruto and question that the apparrent randomness of Madara giving his most prized possession, his eyes, to a stranger like Nagato, must have some underlying meaning or prohecy behind it, it is NOT an argument from ignorance. It is an assumption based on facts and common sense.
Such common sense that confused foreshadowing and prophecy and stil hasn't figure out the problem of the ignorance is the existence of such prophecy itself. You can't prove there is one as you can't disprove it either. It's an unknown, therefore a weak concept to base an argument from.

Must everything be spelt out to us the reader before we believe it?
Either that or at least hinted, or else it's an asspull.

So its is wrong to make assumptions and predict what one thinks has being happening because you guys will use that tired on bs logic of argument from ignorance?
You can make assumptions using known facts, so why make yourself look cheap and use an unknown? That's why I'm pointing out the prophecy problem.

Let me ask you a question Num. Do you think Madara just randomly chose an Uzamaki called Nagato to have his eyes or do you think Nagato was special in some way, hence why he chose him?
I don't know. At least I acknowledge my ignorance on the matter.

2) (...)
You didn't need to type all of that. You and I are the same in the matter of presenting opinions, but you have to recognize the nature of arguments. You can't abstain from their properties just to save face. You either play the game or you don't, catch my drift?

3) Its like this, some of us like Kishi's writing and others don't. On this forum in particular, the 'regulars' are constantly moaning about the lack of depth of his writing and plot holes etc. The second others who are ok with the storyline, says otherwise, you guys get upset and dismiss that person for lacking knowledge or being easily pleased. You don't realise this because like many others on this forum, you cannot see the wood for the trees.
You're the one not seeing the forest for the trees. It's the (weak) arguments that are being dismissed, not the person itself (unless that person acts like a jackass about it, but that's another issue).
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