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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

604 Cursed World
The first scene shows Obito with glowing mangenkyou sharingan in his right eye. Madara is standing in front of Obito, for short moment evil smirk appear on Madara mouth.
Obito slowly catches for breath: ha..., hu...
Madara: so finally it happened
Obito trying to calm down himself: What did finally happen?
Madara turns back to Obito and slowly walk to throne: You awake Mangenkyou sharingan
Obito breathing slower: ?!, what is mangenkyou sharignan?!
Madara catches throne and turns around: this is evolved form of sharingan...
Obito: evolved form of sharignan?!
The scene shows Madara sits down as he turns his head face to face with Obito
Madara opening: True power of sharingan!
Obito: ?!
Obito: True power of sharingan...
Madara: Yes, young boy. Mangenkyou sharingan is evolved form of sharingan, which give user access to new unique powerfull jutsu...
Obito: powerfull jutsu, what do you mean, old man?
Madara : huh, you know almost nothing..., I will tell you. These powerfull jutsu of Mangenkyou sharingan are different for all users...
Obito: for example
Madara: I and my younger brother Izuna got Amaterasu, Tsyukomii and Sussano...
Madara: but in exchange for great power user slowly lost his eyesight until he becomes blind
Obito: Damn, so I have to avoid use jutsu of Mangenkyou sharingan...
Madara: Normally yes, but theres was two expections to avoid cost.
Obito: Tell me about these two ways...
Madara: taking your brother MS and merging with your own eyes to get EMS, or injecting Senjuu Cells in your body, so senjuu dna will repair your sight while MS will deteriorates your eyesight. So positive effect of Senjuu cells healing will cancel MS bad effect destroying eyesight.
Obito: Wow, so much knowledge, I didn't know anything...
Madara: Although, there are two ways. Eternal mangenkyou sharingan is better, it give use potential to use all sharingans jutsu, which exist.
Including Amaterasu, Tsyukomii, Sussano, Kamui, Kotoamatsukami and more, with EMS you can use every EMS jutsu.
Obito: Can you show me these jutsu?
Madara: I can't because as I told you I gave my eyes to someone else
Obito: Why could someone give his eyes ?
Madara: I wonder..., that his name was Kakashi
Obito: ?!
Madara: you gave your own sharingan to someone you considered as friend and now what?!
Obito with sadness and anger on face: Damn, you are right
Madara: In opposite to you, I gave my eyes to someone, who I can trust...
Obito with interest : Who ?!
Madara: my son, Nagato Uzumaki...
Obito: ?!, Uzumaki?!, your son?!
Madara: Yes, I am only alive thanks to him, and you are alive thanks to him too.
Obito: What do you mean?!
Madara: Nagato got my eyes, in return he keep me alive...
Obito: it doesn't make sense, how could he do it?!
Madara: Nagato base is located above us, he sits down in special machine, which is connected Gigantic tree via roots. You and me are connected to Gigantic tree via roots too.
Obito: ?!
Madara: Nagato feed this tree with his chakra, or victims who Nagato kill or capture. This big tree is made of Hashirama cells, yes it grown up a little...
Obito: a little *he is crazy or blind*?!
Madara: Hashirama cells need chakra to live, so Nagato feed them with his chakra, thanks to it you and me can be healed and live here.
Obito: I see *wow, he is so amazing*
Madara: focus on regenerate arm and leg, then with Hashirama cells you can regenerate your lost arm.
Obito: ARGH!!!!
The scene shows Obito focus all his effort on regenerating arm and leg. Suddenly new arm and leg is created from Obito right side
Obito schocked: Wow, I restored my lost arm and leg *Hashirama cells are really amazing*
Madara: You are schocked, well it is new abillity for you. Back my speech
Madara: As you see in opposite to you, I got great use of my eyes...
Obito; Great use of your eyes..., I see. Your son Nagato has your eyes, while in exchange he keep you alive.
Madara: Exactly, but this is not all
Obito: ?!
Madara: I will die soon and Nagato will revive me with mine Rinnengan.
Obito: ?! *Is he ok?*
Madara: From your look on face I can say that you think I am crazy, but Rinnengan is eye of Sage of Six paths, with this eye you can do everything, nothing is impossible.
Obito: but he is your son...
Madara: Excatly, he is not full blooded Uchiha, but still my son. When he revive me he will die, but his death won't be in vain. Thanks to his sacrifice I will be able to realize my moon eye plan.
Obito: Moon eye plan..., what is it?!
Madara: Moon eye plan let me create eternal peace and world where no wars, no hate, no venegance, no betreyal and no jelausy. Everything will be united with me...
Obito: eternal peace, wonderfull idea..., but how can you do it?, what is moon eye plan?
Madara: I will gather all tailed beasts and seal them.
Obito: tailed beasts?!
Madara: then I will revive Jyuubi, I will become Jinchurki of Jyuubi and I use certain jutsu...
Obito: Jyuubi?!, I thought Kyuubi is the most powerfull beast, but what do you mean by certain jutsu?!
Madara: I will make my eyes stronger and then use Mugen Tsyukomii on all humankind. The most powerfull illusion, when my eye will reflect on moon I will control everyone!
Obito: ?! but this will be illusion, false peace...
Madara: I see, then tell me what are you going to do create peace...
Obito: ...
Madara: As I thought, you can say beautifull words, which keep no value in compre to actions. I have plan, if you acept my plan then we can do it.
Obito: ...
Madara: still not sure..., Look around this World is cursed, everything is hate, venegance, death, jelousy, sadness. You expierencied it yourself, Am I right?
Obito: *picture of Kakashi and Rin and Minato Namikaze*
Madara: Your so called friend failed on his promise to you. Girl you loved died and still only cared for Kakashi and your sensei left you dying and didn't care about you...
The scene shows Obito thinking about Madara words. More Obito hear then picture of Obito friends, sensei and even Konoha begin to crack in background. As Madara is speaking, on Obito face appear more and more anger with sadness.
Madara: Moreover you are Uchiha, who was fooled by his own village because they was afraid that you could betray them and escape.
Obito clench his teeth: kgh!
The scene shows Picture of Konoha, obito friends and Sensei stading together all cracked in background while Obito face is in foreground. Obito face is filled with more and more anger as he hear Madara speaking.
Madara: this is life, and life is hard..., but what about your parents death from Konoha, you loved village side...
Obito: !
Madara: ?!
The scene shows Picture of all Obito friends including Kakashi, Rin and his sensei standing in Konoha village as picture. As Madara metions Obito parents, picture of Konoha and friends broke suddenly in many pieces.
Obito is showed with mangenkyou sharingan activated

Obito with rage: WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Madara: Face it young Uchiha, this truth....
Obito: NO!!!!!!!
Madara: you can't ignore reality, this world is...
Obito: Just, Just stop this....
Madara: If you can't accept this truth then?!
Obito: You said, you can change this world, that you can create peace and you have plan, right?!
Madara: You can say that...
Obito: Can you bring peace, Tell me!!
Madara: yes
Obito: then I will do everything what takes to realize your plan!
Madara: you finally wake up from this cursed World...
Obito: I will change or destroy this cursed World
Madara: You have a lot to learn. You have long way before you will be ready
Obito: I don't care. I will stop curse of this world!
The scene shows little smile appearing on Madara face, while Obito become serious with Mangenkyou sharingan glowing.

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