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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Madara: remeber, there is no hope boy...
Obito: I understand, I will not let myself to be fooled by words!
Madara: very good. I think that I finally found my sucessor...
Obito: ?!
Madara: After all, your father Kagami Uchiha was closest son to me...
Obito: ?! so you are my ?!
Madara: Yes, I am your grandfather, boy
Obito schocked: Gradfather ?!
Madara: yes, what is your name my grandson?
Obito: I am Obito, Obito Uchiha!
Madara: well Obito, as you know world can't find out that you or me are alive. I was hidden all this time, so this why I didn't need to worry, but you will act soon, so you need mask to cover your identify and change of your name.
Obito: Yes, grandfather?!
Madara: I will give you mask made of Hashirama wood, really resistant and durable. From now you will be called Tobi...
The scene shows Madara teaching Obito, training with sharingan, elemental Jutsu, all basics Ninja as throwing shuriken and kunai, fighting with shuriken and kunai. Taijutsu, Genjutsu
Madara: I taught a lot jutsu, knowledge but it seems you are not talented enough, how sad...
Obito: I really give my best but this is not so easy...
Madara: From now you will be training alone, while I will be busy something else...
Obito: right master.
The scene shows Obito training alone, while Madara does experiments on Hashirama Cells. Obito trains really hard while he has many failures, Madara is working on Hashirama cells day and night.
Obito: Damn, I can't develop faster, at this rate it could take me a lot of time.
Obito: I won't give up, I can change this World and I will do it!
Madara: Yes!, I finally succeded...
Obito: ?!
Madara: Obito, come here
Obito: As you wish master
The scene shows Madara is standing and heavy breathing, while in front of him stand strage kind of monster. As Obito runs there he is schocked to see strange kind of monster.
Obito: Woah!!!, what is this monster?!
Madara: this is Zetsu, with body made of Hashirama cells.
Zetsu: Hello!
Obito cofused: hi *this guy is strange*
Madara: Please Obito, leave us
Obito: as you wish master
The scene shows Obito continue to trains alone, Madara call Obito after 2 days. Obito run fast and see Madara and Zetsu.
Madara: Obito!
Obito: I am here.
Madara: excellent, although I taught many things and help you as much as I can , your progress is too little and too slow in compare to progress we need.
Obito: What do you mean?!
Madara: I sent Zetsu to discover some things and spy. He found out that Minato Namikaze wife, Kushina Uzumaki will breed child soon...
Obito: Kushina Uzumaki..., but what does mean to us ?
Madara: She is jinchurki of Kyuubi, and seal of Jinchurki is the weakest while woman breed child, do you understand ?
Obito with evil smiles: Yes, very good. Finally I will take revenge on Konoha!
Madara: there could be one of reason, but remeber the most important is moon eye plan, so we need Kyuubi to realize my plan.
Obito: I know, when will she breed child ?!
Madara: After three months...
Obito: three months ?!, Damn , it will be too soon.
Madara with glowing sharingan: Yes, you won't be ready in time, but together we can do this
Obito: "Together", what do you mean?!
Madara: I will die If I break connection with hashirama tree, but I am not gonna stay here forever...
Obito: so...
Madara: I will merge with you dying in result, but I will be able to transfer all my knowledge, expierience, only current abillities but with my talent.
Obito: Why want you to do that ?!
Madara: I want to act, no stay hidden forever and only speaking. Time for action, besides only with me you can do this.
Obito: No..., you saved me from death, you showed me truth about world and even give my plan. Now I am going to realize this plan myself
Madara with sadness on face: Noone can do everything myself, I am living proof of this
Obito: ...
Madara: Even if you will train ver hard and do you best it could be not enough.
Obito: I know
Madara: so accept idea that you could fail, what about you parents death, pain of people, if you accept failure then you will fail. Everyone need someone...
Obito: You are right, sensei..., so when will you plan to merge with me ?!
Madara: Good, I will merge with you right now, don't worry you will be in charge fo your body I will die, but you got my personality too. You will pose and act as Uchiha Madara from now.
Obito: understood
Madara turns to Zetsu: Zetsu, you will serve my grand son, remeber to that.
Zetsu: As you wish master.
Madara: very well. Kinjutsu: Body DNA merging!
Obito: ?!
The scene shows Obito and Madara body merge. Obito thanks to Madara body grow fast and now is higher and adult but he won't become much older thanks to Hashirama cells which make agging process slower.
Obito: ARGH!!!!!!!
Madara: Agh!!!
The few scenes shows Madara and Obito body slowly merged together while connection from big tree to Madara body broke. Madara soul leave body and go away, while Madara body completly merge with Obito body create new very powerfull body.
Tobi: It was sucessfull, I can feel power flow in myself.
Now I will show the World.
The last scene shows Obito in ultimate body as grown up man with mask put on. Before mask is put on Obito is shown with two sharingans glowing reddish

605 - It begins

I know I screwed it a little because I rushed it at least part, so sorry for this. When I find time I will correct these mistakes.

Sorry for any grammar, typing, literal mistakes I will try to correct them.

I hope you, guys enjoyed reading it

Please give me your comments, good or bad.

I don't like to write predicitons of flashback, it is really hard to make it interesting in opposite to action which encourages everyone to read.

Next prediction will be about action , so please read my continuation.
It depends if I have time

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