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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Originally Posted by narutorikudoumode View Post
your misunderstanding me remember in the latest chapter madara was using spare eyes and had only the left remember thus madara showing he has no eye in the right i'm not talking about the madara real eyes i'm talking about the spare eye that he has right now at his old age
I understand it from start that you wrote about current old Madara in manga, who has only spare sharingan in left eye.

It could explain where Obito got second sharingan, but maybe it was while Uchiha massacre.

Please read my prediction above - 604 - Cursed World,
My explanation is that Madara died as in process of his body merge with Obito body, making Obito as grown up man. Obito got Madara knowledge, talent and expierience. Thanks to madara talent Obito deveopment was accelerated so he learn faster how to use sharigan, Mangenkyou sharingan.

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