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Re: Fairy Tail 300

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Yeah, no attachment to THAT cat. The fact that he smoked it was pretty amusing. All these chapters and the first non-evil kill is a fucking flying cat. Amazing. I also laughed, although hold the belief that the cat will reappear.

Minerva is totally taking over but I think the good was the awakening of Sting's rage - there's probably some bullshit about how that enhances his powers. Perhaps even eliminating the cat means something.

However, what an idiot leader. DURR YOU LOSE I KILL YOU AND YOUR LITTLE CAT TOO!! Yawn. Minerva will be a far better leader for Sabertooth.
Maybe Minerva has some sort of fetish whenever she see's a Dragon Slayer do something with power.

"That's enough Natsu, or else I'm going to cum a waterfall"
"That's the true power of 3rd Generation DS which makes me cum pretty hard"
"Good... now we can make babies Sting"
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